Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Best Part of the Vacation

The best part of the entire Yellowstone Vacation was being with our family.  We had a blast together!

Aunt Sandra manning the maps:

Janine, Steve's cousin, was the one that initiated the idea of going to Yellowstone.  It kinda just grew on its own.  Steve and Janine were very close as kids.  Here they are at Crazy Horse:

Aunt Sandra and Uncle Weldon at Crazy Horse:

Uncle Weldon, Janine and Chappie (Janine's husband):

Rod at the Mid-America Air Museum in Liberal Kansas - it was awesome!  I don't know who he is with... I didn't go outside - but the inside museum was amazing... best air museum I have ever been to!  

Just a few of the airplane's on display:

And here is the beginning of the trip Steve, Aunt Sandra, Rod, Chappie, Janine and Uncle Weldon.  Mother was off somewhere and I took the picture:

Chappie and Rod with Ellis and Janine... 

Janine and Aunt Sandra:

Janine and Uncle Weldon:

Mother and Ellis:

 See mother and Rod way out there sitting with Ellis?

Steve and Mike chatting:

Joan, Aunt Sandra and Steve:

Uncle Weldon and his ice cream... oh my gosh, this man loves his ice cream!

And here is the whole gang in Jackson Hole, Wyoming!  Joan, Mike, Uncle Weldon, Aunt Sandra, Steve is behind Aunt Sandra, me, mother and Rod:

We had a great time hanging out together.  I can't wait to do it again!  We are planning a re-make of last years disastrous trip to Lake Wister.  This time, there won't be an accident and it will be great!  Can't wait to have the re-do so those memories will be good - not awful ones like they are now.

Tomorrow is my big day - Liquid Gold Infusion Day!  My first one ever.  Wish me luck!

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