Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Liquid Gold Infusion #1 Day

Today is my first infusion day.  I am nervous.  I have no idea what expect except lots of nasty side effects for a few days.  You can read about them HERE...

I have done all the right things;  I have rested, I have hydrated, I drank V-8 (YUCK!) and I have drank poweraide.  Here's to an easy infusion... my first ever.

Apparently I will be doing an infusion every month for the rest of my life.  Scary?  Yes, absolutely!  For some reason I feel like it is the beginning of my demise.  😓

I know!  I know!  People have done it for years!  I don't think it is this infusion that is concerning me as much as the crash of necessary immune system that I need to survive!

I just cannot wrap my mind around this train wreck.  One thing crashes and another follows and another.  If this one can be fixed, fine, but since the ICL cannot be fixed, is this IgG infusion even worth getting?  I don't have the answer.  And it is a blood product from many people.  Every month, a blood product taken from MANY people.  That in itself is terrifying.  The price in itself is overwhelming!  Gads, so many things to fret over.  And I am sick - get this - with an awful sinus infection.  Go figure.

Steve will go with me this time.  He will stay to be sure things are going well, then run some errands in Tulsa.  I will be in the infusion clinic for at least 4 hours and up to 8.  They told me probably closer to 8 the first time.  I am to pack lunch, my V-8 (YUCK!), snacks and Powerade.  I am also to bring things to do; read, crochet, d/l a movie... just stuff to occupy my time.  

This'll be fun.

Not.  Looking.  Forward.  To.  This.

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