Friday, January 28, 2011

Finally, 33 Years to the Day...

On January 28th, 1978, Steve hired on with the same company he is still with.  Today, he has signed, sealed and accepted a transfer to...


Can't read it?  Highlight it!  I didn't want you PEEKING!


He still needs to finish his job on Pascagoula, and there are some details to work out, but the we finally have the answer.  Tulsa...  I cannot even fathom that thought.  It has been a dream from the day we moved away - to get back to Oklahoma.  Finally, it is happening!   I will be within 50 miles of where I was raised.  He will be under 100 miles from where he was raised.  *We* are going *home*!  lol, a place we have lived less time our entire lives in, but we still call it home.  Is it?

Will it still feel like it?  Time will tell.   We will miss so much of Louisiana... friends, food, life, and hurricanes... the drink, NOT the wind kind, ok?

Am I excited?  Of course!

Am I nervous?  Absolutely!

Very mixed emotions flowing right now: Excited, nervous, anticipation, apprehension, scared and elated.  All of the above...  

But we can do this - we lived in Singapore - this should be a piece of cake!  Right?

It is like a dream... will I wake up?  I cannot believe it is really happening.  Will we love it like we did when we left?

33 years to the day... it is a sign.  

It will be just fine...


We are about to embark on another adventure...

♫ ♪ OKLAHOMA!  ♫ ♪

♪ ♫ Where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain  ♪ ♫

♫ ♪ And the wavin' wheat, can sure smell sweet... ♫ ♪

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Things to Know Living in a Camper

If you are staying in a camper, you should know these things:

You should remember to check the propane tanks for heat, cooking and warmth on a very cold morning. 

Filling the propane tanks takes a long trip to town and waiting for the store to open.

You should have clean, warm clothes if you don't have a full propane tank.
You have to use a laundromat if you need clean clothes -  you can't toss them in the washer/dryer before bed unless you want to GO to the laundry to do so.

Those dryers don't run for free.  Save your quarters.

You are not the only one using the washer and dryers.  Convenient for you it not always for them.

Refrigerators and freezers in campers should be frost free.

Refrigerators should be big enough to hold a six pack of beer AND a gallon of milk.  Food optional.

The freezer should either come with an ice maker OR be large enough freezer for ice trays. 

The oven should be big enough to fit a 10" pizza - better yet, a cookie sheet to put it on!

Long hot showers are history - even when you remember to check the propane tanks.

What bathtub?

Camper showers are not made for shaving your legs.

The sofa should somewhat face the tv so you don't get a crick in your neck trying to watch it.

The sofa should be comfortable for more than a 7 year old.

The bedroom should be long enough to keep your feet from being in the bathroom while sleeping.

You pay rent for your parking place - and you could pay rent on a house for just as much.

The mail does not come to your door.

The newspaper does not come to your door.

Girl Scouts do not sell cookies in a campground.

Lady bugs live forever.

You either eat, look at the computer, or study the Bible.  You cannot do all three on the Barbie table.

You hear every sound around you.  EVERY sound.  So do they.

A rocking camper does not always mean what you heard it did - wind and critters rock it too.

The circuit breaker will turn off two electrical appliances running at the same time.

Vents on top of the camper should be closed when it rains.

The satellite dish only works when you know which satellite it is supposed to be on - and the satellite man does not come and change it when you change sites.

If you are cooking, the fire alarm WILL go off - no fire needed.

The windows are always steamy.  Except when you forget to fill the propane tanks.

You KNOW where everyone is at all times.

Cold air goes under, over and all around the camper.

So do squirrels, cats, dogs and coons.  I am told bears as well, but thankfully have no first hand knowledge of that.

Remember to empty the black water tank.

Never run out of blue stuff.

If you your shower stall is full of dirty dish water, chances are you forgot to empty the gray water tank.

Emptying the tanks are not fun in the middle of the night because you forgot to do it in daylight.

Did I say lady bugs live forever?

Now we know... Have a good belly laugh on us.  

We are learning. 

And laughing.

And cold.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Have you been wondering where I was?  I have been sick unfortunately.  I came back to Louisiana to find this sinus garbage.  It started going into my chest so I really had to get on top of it.  Asthma and chest ick is not good.  However, I am finally recovering!  I couldn't think, or sit up long enough to think and had no desire to try to think.  I dutifully took my sinus medicine and turned into the zombie it made me and did a major part of my week sleeping... good for the soul. 

So what else have I accomplished this week?  Remember me trying to teach myself to crochet?  I did figure out what I think is a single crochet stitch.  I went round and round because I had nothing else to do.  I had no direction, but I got the stitch down pretty good, don't cha think?

Not bad for a first timer - even if it might be a bit tight, it'll be ok!  Laura (thanks Laura) told me so!  So I am really ok with that.  

Then guess what I did?  I took every one of those stitches out because I had no idea what to do next!!  Lol... I don't know how to read directions or a pattern and I really don't know what I want to make anyway.  Oh, and I obviously don't know how to turn corners - hence the never ending circle. I sure need to find a crochet/knitting group here.

So, I then decided I might try knitting - Steph knits so she can at least help me with that.  I only have two stitches to learn... maybe?  I had to learn to cast on, I knit a row then purled a row, then I took it out, then knit two stitches and purled two stitches and it doesn't look right, so I will take it out too.  I started with 38 stitches and ended up with WAY more than that.  Not sure what is happening... *sigh*  Sure do miss my girls in Singapore - they would have straightened me out in no time... I *will* figure this out.  Does anyone in the area know how to knit OR crochet??  Lol...

I got the opportunity to go to 'school' and teach pR last week - it was a blast!  I hope to get that opportunity more often.  She did math - she is really good at math, but she claims to hate it.  I think it is a sham.  She is really good at it - even if she does have to use a few fingers and toes:

And she is so confident!  "Granny, I KNOW how to do that!"  Lol...  She is attentive, determined and loves to learn.  I think she is doing a great job in school.  She asks a lot of questions - good ones too!  Her mom is a prize - she is such a good teacher.

After she did her math, we learned about Pennsylvania (Delaware was the day before) in case you saw it on the chalkboard above:

She had a great time learning about the Liberty Bell - she even made one.  Darn it, I forgot to take a picture of it - and it is a pretty darned good bell if you ask me.  Even granny learned a few things in the Pennsylvania lesson :-)

After math, we had to go outside and find birds.  It was a frigid cold day outside for south Louisiana, so the birds were few and far between.  But we found lots of empty nests:

It was lots of fun walking around spotting the nests.  We never realized there were that many nests and decided we probably couldn't see them if there were leaves on the trees, but we sure could see them easily right now.  Where were the birds?  They must all be in Singapore!  It was very, very cold that day.  If they were smart they were sitting by a fireplace somewhere... 

pR has been watching those poor pitiful sad SPCA animal commercials on tv.  She decided she needed to earn money for a no kill animal shelter here in Louisiana called HOPE for Animals.  She gathered all the toys she didn't play with or use, marked prices on them, hired granny to cook hot chocolate and banana bread, mom to cook cookies and brownies, dad to keep the stuff warm and papa to bring his coffee pot over and make coffee.  We had a fund raiser toy sale and SHE made the signs and helped set everything up!

She earned over $264.00!!  This little gal is dynomite!  She makes plans and is relentless in carrying them out!  Remember the Toys for the Orphanage?  I am so proud of her!

She had a goal of $200, and thought she wasn't going to make it because not so many people came out on a cold day to buy toys - but she did!  Between her sales and her donations, we went well over her goal.

And finally we have played a lot of games.  Punkin' went to the store with papa one night and used those pretty blues to talk him into a new game.  He thought it was way over her head, but it has been a lot of fun.  You are not allowed to look at your face, but to make your face, you draw 1 part of the face from 3 piles: the eyes, the nose and the mouth.  Then you set them up on a stand facing away from yourself and try to guess by asking questions (like do I have blue eyes) and deducing who you are with this paper:

You get some really goofy faces:

Fun game and it is building punkin's thinking skills too!  Maybe working on granny and papa's just a bit, and we are having lots of fun looking at the silly faces.  You should try this game - lots of laughs!

So that is what we have been up to.  Not much to talk about this week... sorry, my life is boring.  We keep waiting on the word, but it hasn't come yet.  Steve will be going to Houston, Pascagoula and Tulsa in the next week or so, but just for meetings.  Keep your fingers crossed - I hope it turns into something more... but you know...

Promise to find more to write about now that I can think again  :-)  See you soon!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christian Craft Ideas Needed!

I am looking for Christian craft ideas for my friends still going to the children's home in Indonesia where I was going.  I am not there anymore, but I feel so led to try to do something for them.  We need simple projects that will take them about 45 minutes to do.  

Let me tell you about our little group.  They do not have much room to store things,  29 children (give or take a few) live in this home.  About half of them are girls - they sleep in this room:

Yes, there are only 4 beds and lots of mattresses!  Lol...

This is the kitchen that cooks for a family of 31:

Yes, that is the stove on the right - look here for a closer view:

The International Baptist Church I was attending gave them their first refrigerator recently:

This is where they wash dishes - and thank you Sue for this picture!  I forgot to take one of the dish washing area, so Sue was kind enough to give me one:

They use the rain water captured in these buckets to wash dishes and laundry with:

They don't have a washing machine and the only dish washers are the family!

This is their dining room:

And also their living room:

All of this to show you there is very little room for them to have 'stuff', but the whole idea is to do things with them and give them lots of Christian love.  We need ideas for somewhat disposable things to make - like we made a Fruit Loop necklace with them (you oughta try to find Froot Loops in Singapore!), and some books with color pages in them.

Not all things have to be Christian, but they do need some.  English is not a first language for them - most speak Bahasa Indonesian, so verses and things like that need to be simple.  You can probably see that we don't need to spend much money but more time with them.  There is a wide range of ages here, so we need something for all ages. 

So do you have any ideas - anyone?  I am getting ready to send a box over there; I can print pages for them, and I can send some lightweight things for them to do.  Any ideas would be appreciated.  If you have links, send them as well.  Pictures?  Sure! 

I left my heart in Indonesia with these kids:

The Lord has been talking to me about these little ones.  If I can't be there in person, I need to be there in spirit and gifts - and He agrees.  It has been weighing so heavily on my mind it is time to do something - so I need ideas, can you help?  I sure hope so, I need lots of good ideas!

And does anyone know how long I will be picking lady bugs off my ceiling?  Do these things live forever??

Monday, January 17, 2011

I Am Trying... But...

It ain't happenin'!  Been sick for 5 days now... but I finally went to the Dr today.  He gave me a shot and 4 scripts.  Guess I will miraculously healed by tomorrow.  I am counting on it!  With this sinus garbage (thanks sugar cane smoke) I can barely think, much less blog.  Add that to the cold/warm/hot/cold/hot/warm weather and it makes for lots of people sick.  I am one of them.  I told the Dr today I thought he was using me as insurance that he won't go out of business; I go in for side pain, the next day I have the creeping crud, causing me to go back in for more treatment.  He laughed and said "what a great idea!"

Steve wants me to go to Houston with him in a day or two - I want to go, but only if I am much better.  Wish me luck!  There is a nearly 1 year old someone special there I would love to meet.  Are any of my friends hanging out in the Houston area this week?

Be back soon - going to get vertical again.  Night/day/life.  Have a great one.

Friday, January 14, 2011


I went to the surgeon and he suggested going back to the GI Dr for more treatment for my gastroparesis.  Yay.  At least they are all trying to figure it out.  He said he could do exploritory, but he wanted to rule out the gastroparesis as the pain first.  So, I go back to the GI Dr at the end of the month.  I do feel like all these Drs working together will find the answer - they are not acting like I am a hypochondriac, thank God.  They are sympathetic and confused as to why there is no definite answer to my pain, but they are trying.. really trying... finally.

Ever feel like you are on a merry go round? 

Ugh - Sick of Being Sick

I am sick.  I am not whining, just stating facts.  I woke up two days ago with a cold.  I didn't catch it; I only catch things I want and I certainly don't want this cold.  I have been pretty much staying on the sofa trying to sleep it off - that is what cold medicine does to me; it sends me into an unconscious world of dreamland.  I can't function, think or breathe - all needed to blog.  I doubt I make rhyme or reason - this is not the time to write a book.

I went to a Dr who seems to be concerned about the pain in my side... he is sending me to a surgeon today.  We will see what the surgeon says.  I have this fear of surgery with no answers.  For the life of me, I cannot figure out how that will happen, but I wouldn't think all my blood work would be back to near normal either, but it is.  They are thinking this pain could be from adhesions.  Maybe so.  Whatever it is from it needs to just go away.  

Anyway, I am not blogging for a couple more days other than to drop in and say what the Dr said.  I really have to kick this in the backside.  I feel like cr*!.  Don't even have the energy to hold my head up.  Be back soon.  After hibernation.

Miss you!

Monday, January 10, 2011

I Know Not What I Am Doing...

But I am practicing. 

Let me explain...

Many, many moons ago, long before the dinosaurs even roamed, I had a teacher that tried her darnedest to teach me how to crochet and knit.  I would knit or crochet many beautiful, meticulous stitches, making sure they were perfect and she would eventually check my progress.  She make an elaborate production showing and announcing to everyone that my tension was too tight, and right there before my very eyes, she pulled all my hard earned stitching out and tossed the tangled mass of yarn back in my lap and said "try again".  I did.  I tried many times only to have her make a big, LOUD spectacle of herself taking apart my stitches once again.  I finally gave up.  I could not figure out how to loosen the tension, and she obviously couldn't teach me anything except humiliation.  

The dinosaurs finally came and roamed the earth, died of extinction and humans were born.  Oh wait, I was already there.  Anyway, over the years many friends crocheted and knitted.  I always envied those that made beautiful handmade gifts for my children; you know, the crocheted baby blankets, caps and mittens.  Finally I braved trying to learn again with a very patient, kind, lady - and I made watermelon pot holders until I was sick of watermelons.  The colors in them were beautiful - greens and reds and I even put seeds in them.  Even though I learned how to make water melon pot holders, I never learned anything else... :-(

I gave away watermelon pot holders to anyone that didn't run away.  I never knew what happened to my half dozen watermelon pot holders, but they disappeared.  No telling what their demise was, but honestly, when I looked at them all I could hear was my teacher telling me my stitches were too tight and not worthy of staying intact.  All I could see was my lack of perfection (those of you that know me are nodding your head - I see you!) and so I could only be ashamed of them.  I am sure they were fine - I am much more critical of myself than anyone else in the world.  But again, I put the needles aside and walked away.

Many, many moons have gone by and humans are turning to beasts now; kids grew up and grand kids came along.  Everyone knit or crocheted for them, and I looked longingly at the handmade items and wished I had kept with my little hobby, but we all know now I didn't.  Our daughter taught herself (she gets brownie points here) how to knit hats for our grand daughter and I love them - my mind going in circles trying to remember the stitches.  I could even see the needles in my hands trying to get the tension right and finally mastering the art of crocheting... I have dreamed it and I swear I have seen my hands making all the right moves - and the tension was right!

Finally today, I gave in and bought crochet needles and knitting needles.  I bought yarn to try to make something wonderful.  And I started.  I chain stitched until I got comfortable holding the yarn, I critiqued the stitches for TENSION, and I turned the corner and started trying to remember what I needed to do next.  I have made a little progress making stitches - surely not as much as my teacher took out, but I do have a little strip of yarn, somewhat neatly (not perfect you understand), and I feel like I might be able to nail this - this time.  The tension might need tweaking, the stitches might need corrected, but I am going on memories from before the dinosaur ages to get where I am.  I am proud of myself.  I can giggle at my lack of direction, and it doesn't feel like failure.  It feels like I need to figure it out because I know I can figure it out.

So here is what I have, it is not great, but it is mine and no one will take the stitches out and pile the yarn in my lap.   I will do that when I choose to do it.  I don't know what the stitches are called, I don't know if I did it right, but I have stitches of some kind made with a crochet needle - and the tension will come, right?  I might have even done it backwards (can you do that?) or upside down... or something.  But it is staying together without me holding it.  Some kind of new stitch might even have been invented here...

Since I am no longer with my Singapore friends who actually know how to do this.... so I found a tutorial on You Tube, so I am going to play a bit more with getting the feel of holding the yarn and the needle and when I am sure I think I have it down (you caught that right?) I will take the stitches out and try to make something real.  Understand, it has to be nearly perfect to get past me, but I am going to give it a shot.   Brenda, watch out!  I saw the gorgeous things you made (and I have some very warm booties) and I am gonna show you up. Well, maybe I will just sit by you and we can crochet together some day.  You can drop a stitch and I can pick it up, or is that knitting?

And if you (or anyone else) would like to name my stitches and give me hints - even tell me what I did wrong I am open to suggestions.  Be forewarned though - the knitting needles are nearby and they are sharp.  Don't take my stitches out.  K?

So I know not what I am doing... but I have needles, I have You Tube and I have yarn.  I am gonna make something and I am going to treasure it.  I will name the stitches, I will get the tension right and I will live happily ever after.

What is the first thing I am going to make?  Something for me.  I have dreamed about having my very own lovely crocheted scarf for years.  It is time that old bat taught me something - after all, she has been on 'play and replay' in my mind since the dawn of time.  She is long gone by now, but I WILL get that tension right so she can finally rest in peace.  I know she went to her grave saying "Your tension is too tight! Try again!" and gloating as she went to meet her knitter.
I wonder where those watermelon pot holders went?  I gave a million away as Christmas gifts.  Do you have one?

Ahhh, you were one of the runners, huh?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

How To Make Fire Starters

Twenty one years of being a Girl Scout leader have taught me a few things - making good fire starters is one of them.  When you need to start a campfire,  the best way to start it is by using old-fashioned fire starters.  How do you make them?

Save all your old left over pieces of candles (all colors and all scents) and toss them into a cleaned out gallon veggie can until it is over half way full...

Save all your cardboard egg cartons.
Collect a pile of dryer lint.

When you have enough cardboard egg cartons, and enough candles, and enough dryer lint... it is then you are ready to make fire starters.

Put the can of pieces of wax in a pan of water (use it like a double boiler) and add water to the pan - NOT to the candles.  Put over a fire, let the water boil (be sure to keep adding water to it) and eventually the candles will melt into one great big vat of wax.   

While the wax is warming, set up a table outside; spread some cardboard over it then put the lint and egg cartons out.   Cut the tops and lip off of the egg cartons.  Spread all pieces out on the cardboard.

Now it is time to get one cute kid:

Put the child to work putting lint into each of the holes where an egg normally sits.  

Then have them put lint in the tops of the egg cartons and any other cardboard packing stuffs you can find:

At this time, an adult should pour the warmed wax over the top of the lint, soaking the lint and cartons.  Be liberal with the wax.  It is messy.  Be prepared to get a nice wax manicure.  You will need to press some of the lint down into the wax, and vice versa.  Once the wax cools a bit, kids should feel free to help.  They love it - trust me!

Feel free to spill wax on the cardboard under it,  it is ok - you are going to use it anyway.  If you spill out leftover wicks from the melted candles - the more the merrier... it'll be ok... all is well in this mess.  They will burn.

This is what it should look like:

One big, beautiful mess!

Let your art dry (solidify).  Once it is solid, crack it all apart.  

To do that, I use a serrated knife, and elbow grease - and not much elbow grease either.  Trust me, if it took much, I wouldn't be doing it - I would figure out an easier way... lol...

I put all of this in a large ziploc bag:

Then I cut all the cardboard into 9-ish x 9-ish squares:

And I chunk it all into a pile near the fire wood to use when we start a fire.  It lights like lighter fluid and starts the wood burning very quickly without the nasty smell of lighter fluid - in fact, you will have a nice potpourri of scents mingling with the campfire.

If I really feel nifty - I cut wax paper into rectangles, fold in half to make squares and add chipped wax to the center of each one:

I roll it up and twist the ends.  If I get really fancy I can make circles out of them.  I don't think it burns any better, but it adds interest... lol...

Then I toss them in a plastic bag:

...and I put them in with the other fire starters - they work just as well.  However, I must warn you, kids are not nearly as interested in helping you make these.  The wax/lint manicure is preferred by all children; they seem to love getting really messy.  The fuzzy, waxy fingers entertain them for a good while - and the more kids, the merrier!

How do you use them?  You pile all the wood in a fire pit just like you are starting a campfire.  When you are ready to start the fire, just toss a chunk of waxy mess on the wood, light it and watch the wax melt down into the wood and wallah! - the fire lights!   It is that easy - I promise.

Give the fire starters a try - I think you will be impressed! 

At the very least you will enjoy the beautiful and easy to light results and soft, wax manicured hands, so sit back and enjoy the view - after the kids are clean of course.

Sorry, I can't help you there. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Waiting is the Hardest...

I think God is trying to teach me more patience.  Every time I think I have gotten enough, He challenges me to more.  Waiting for the job assignment or transfer is getting on my last nerve today.  I am thankful he has a job, and I am not complaining, just whining a bit maybe.  I just want to know the rest of the story, you know?  

I am claustrophobic.  Staying in a camper 24/7 is very difficult - and you can only annoy family and friends so much before they disown you.  I am trying very hard to keep my distance, but we all know what a shopper I am - so that is out.  However, walking has helped some.  I started back to walking and enjoy the time I am out of the camper then.  I have even looked forward to going to the laundry mat.  Yes, you read that right.  Hey, it is normal sized American washers and dryers, so I am very thankful for that.

Taking pictures... well, again we are running into a problem there.  How many pictures of life can you take?  Lol... and I know I am sick of sorting them!  I have procrastinated seriously on doing that - my picture folder looks like I tossed everything in a drawer and said to heck with it!  Yes, I have plenty on the computer I can be doing, but I don't - I can't even stand to be on it right now.  I don't want to deal with being online, offline, online, offline... and when I hit send or post, it says sorry you aren't online so you can't do that.  I get online again, fix what it screwed up then hit post or send again and it does the same thing... yeah, life is annoying me right now.  And do you know what sorting pictures does for you?  Oh gosh, I miss that.  Oh dear, I wish I could see them.  Aww... how sweet that was... Oh man!  I sure do wish I had that much life and business again... lol...

And my sweet hubby says "we have to be patient when we get the news so we can get the perfect property."  PATIENCE MY LAST - I am ready to... MOVE!  OKAY??  I am ready for a place big enough that when I get sick of one room I can move to another.  When I want to turn on the TV I don't distract my hubby from working.  If I want to sew/scrap or whatever, I don't have to empty the trunk of my car and fill up the only room in the camper we have.  Got it?  Lol... yes, this is called whining!

Gotta love this life... gotta love this life... GOTTA. LOVE. THIS. LIFE.  

Say a few prayers for me today - I think God is sitting there watching me; shaking His head, rolling His eyes and sighing because I am whining...

I am gonna try to find something fun to do today.  Gotta love this life.  I am tired of whining now.  I am going to find something fun and try to find my patience.  It is somewhere, I just know it.

Whine over.  Carry on!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

This Little Wreath

Have you ever had something that you just couldn't bear to throw away?   Something so near and dear to your heart, no matter how messed up it is, you just cannot give it up... Have you ever run in to that problem before?  What do you do when you just *know* it can't hang around any longer?  

You give it to your kids of course!  

A hundred years ago... well, not quite that long ago, but ages ago, our daughter came home from school with a beautiful handmade Christmas wreath.  She had cut the center out of a paper plate, colored the round part that was left, then took pieces of construction paper and made rings.  She strung the rings together, added dots of 'berries', glued it all together in wreath fashion and brought it home for mommy and daddy to enjoy.

We enjoyed it for many, many years. It started by hanging on the wall, but in time it started sagging.  I pullled it out one year and realized it was sagging too much to even attempt to hang it, so at that time it became a ring around a candle - a place it held for many, many years.  One year I pulled it out and sadly it had become crinkled; too crinkled to even work around the candle, so I gently placed it up on the piano so we could still enjoy its presence.  And enjoy we did - for many, many more years.

Years passed, kids grow and you feel confident that they are settled enough that you can pass your precious treasures to them to carry on the traditions that you held close to your heart.

Enter the wreath, the bell and the snowman:

This year, Steph pulled out her Christmas treasures and while we were pawing through them, we found her wreath.  I am sad to say I think it is nearly done.  After 27 years or so, it has nearly met its maker and turned back to the very dust it started from.  It is very, very close.  We may get another year or two out of it, but I think  the memories will soon be just the pictures that we have taken over the years - and I am sure there are many.  For today, I will pretend it is still in pristine condition and enjoy the memories; the pride she felt when she brought it home to us, the warmth we felt when we pull these treasures out every year and the memories of the dear children who make our life so rich.

Awww, those memories are what keeps me going year after year.  How many 'remember whens' can fill a lifetime?   Never enough.  One more year, one more memory, one more smile.

Makes like worth living, doesn't it?  Thanks for those memories!

Monday, January 3, 2011

This Is Too Good...

... not to share.  This is a conversation between my daughter and I in yahoo... Just to unconfuse you, she is the 'cajun' and I am the 'sis'...   She is sick and "Buster" is her basset hound... 

I took the meds to her and I hope Buster got her warm spot!  Lol...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

This Old Church

... is falling down.

Steph had a photo shoot today and I went to help her - how fun!  After the shoot, she asked if I wanted to go take pictures of an old church that she had found.  Of course, it sounded wonderful!  I wasn't disappointed - well, maybe a bit that a church was falling down, but not that I had the opportunity to take pictures of it.  

Take a look:

We also went back to see this old truck - a favorite of ours to take pictures of:

Funny, it never seems to change though.  Wonder why we feel the need to go back and visit it?

And finally, we found this truck.  Are you looking Aedan?

Now that  was cool!  He was sitting quietly on the side of the road like no one would notice him - but he doesn't know me, does he?  Lol...

Had a great day out checking out things to take pictures of.  I can always waste time taking pics while waiting on the go ahead to look for a house - right?  I might need a few more lenses... let me see...  I should start naming them, maybe one will fall in my hands.  

I could take pictures of birds... eagles to be specific... and for that I need...

Singapore Memory Project