Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween :-)


I keep seeing you come back to this link and wonder if you have my blog bookmarked incorrectly. The link is actually: I KNOW the Halloween blog is not that good, so I am guessing you keep checking for updates - man have you missed some blogs if that is so :-( Glad to see you again though!

Friday has come and gone. This week has FLEW by!

I had a cute blue eyed blonde wake me this morning and say, "Granny! It is Halloween, we have to get up and have a fun day!" How can you resist that? We got up, checked out Webkins, ate some candy for breakfast, and then some chips for lunch. Wonder what we will have tomorrow? Granny and papa only have 2 more days with her before we leave on our journey back to Singapore.

Steph took Raelee home to carve a pumpkin and they did a great job:

It glowed wonderfully at night:

Steph's neighbor set up his haunted house:
He is the tall green handsome man... lol...
We were really thankful he did this. It is a sign of healing for him. Years ago, he found his neighbor's 3 year old son dead in their swimming pool and he had not done this since then. I have no idea what the connection was, but we know he is finally able to have fun with kids again.

His Haunted House draws a lot of people:

I was able to enjoy some cans we made years ago. Steph had them at her house and put them out. I had forgotten about them. Silly memories...

Steph and Raelee went to a party, then out in the neighborhood with friends. Steph did a wonderful job cooking chili & dressing herself and Raelee:

I actually missed being a part of the fun. When your kids grow up, you look back and surround yourself in the memories. I loved doing fun things with the kids...

We brought Raelee home and did our traditional manicure "things girl's do, papa!", then had the tradional pillow fight over papa's pillow. She is finally tucked snuggled into papa's pillow on his side of the bed. Soon, we will move her to the sofa to sleep and we will go rest as well. She looks so peaceful while she is recharging ;-)

Sadly I found out Ann's 20 year old nephew was killed in an automobile accident earlier this week. He was heavily involved in the youth group at the church, sports with kids as a coach and will be greatly missed. Hundreds of people attended the wake and funeral. 2 priests and 1 Bishop came to do the service, one of the priests shed tears and draped his cloak over the coffin. It sounds like this young man made a huge imact on a lot of people. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today IS Thursday, right?

What happened to Wednesday? I lost it! I totally lost one entire day in this madness. Will someone please go find it for me?

We have flown half a world away, prepared for - and had - a wedding, flew another half a country away to find wood sealer all over the side of Steve's new truck, a buttload of mail that needed to be sorted and filed, shopping for clothes for Singapore and Korea (which I am still working on), shopping for the few things we need to bring back over to Singapore, laundry, ironing, cooking (good ol' American beef), and normal cleaning details. I have yet had time to rest. Does it ever come? I am a walking zombie right now :-(

I did come home to groceries in the fridge (DARN! I need to pay you Peggy!), fall decorations on the door, and our dining room decorated for fall. It was such a nice surprise! Thanks Celia and Peggy :-)

No more blogging today, just wishing everyone a happy day.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Run Forrest Run!

Finally trying to get caught up on the blog... yes Forrest we are still running!

On Sunday after the wedding, we went to San Francisco to do a whirlwind tour of a few things Raelee and Stephenie wanted to see. Raelee's requests were pier 39 (sea lions) and the 'crooked street', her mom's request was to ride a cable car. 

We saw a light house:

We saw sea lions:

We saw more sea lions:

They even entertained us:

One loved the cute blue eyed blonde we had tagging along:

The blue eyed blonde decided the same thing she did in Oregon: "sea lions are noisy and stinky!"

Even a gull entertained us playing with a croc:

We took a picture of Alcatraz:

We tried to take a picture of the Golden Gate bridge:

We saw the world's largest privately owned sail boat The Maltese Falcon:

Here are the facts on it:

20 stories high
289 ft long
42 ft wide
Owned by Tom Perkins

Look it up on You Tube - there are lots of videos of it entering San Francisco Bay.

Then we froze our butts off: 

Well, okay, we WISH we did ;-)

We stood in a very long line and waited on a cable car:

And listened to the man singing his rendition of Blowing in the Wind:

Rode the car to the other end and waited again:

While I thought...

We drove down Lombard St:

We saw the Full House row of homes:

When do we get to:


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cheyenne and Jeremy's Wedding

Cheyenne and Jeremy have finally had their story book wedding and are in Hawaii enjoying a grand honeymoon - we hope :-)

The colors of the wedding were deep red (almost black) and cream.

The wedding dress was a surprise to Jeremy - he had never seen it. I have never seen one like this one. It was incredibly beautiful:

The wedding started:

Aedan kept track of one of the rings...

Cheyenne and Jeremy were pronounced wife and hubby:

The First Dance:

Others joined in the dancing:

Marcus and Raelee stole the show on dancing...

Jeremy sang "We Are Family!" - into a mic... errrr... bouquet:

The cake was cut:

Everyone thought it was yummy:

Finally, everyone relaxed and had a good time:

Even the bride relaxed:

And we all crashed and looked just like Raelee in the previous post.

Singapore Memory Project