Tuesday, April 11, 2017


One of Stephenie's goats, Lane, had triplet GIRLS Friday, April 7th!  They are all so adorable! 

Stephenie always wanted to be a teacher when she was growing up and got her college degrees to do just that.  She home schooled Raelee for her first few years using those degrees, and has her teaching credentials for Oklahoma.  However, something I never imagined our girl would be is a 'farmer girl', but she wears it well! 

She has taught me so much about life.  I often wish I had her drive to learn new ways of doing things... when I was her age I was just learning how to be a mom and having an awfully tough time doing it; making a heck of a lot of mistakes and doing so much of it by myself because Steve worked 80-120 hours a week in the oilfield.  I was a disaster at being a great mom, and seeing Steph so calm, cool and collected most of the time makes me proud and sad.  I wish I had had that much confindence and direction when I was raising her and Jeremy.  I wish I hadn't been so frustrated and showing it by my loud mom voice.  I wish I had some parenting classes to show me how to do better and quieter.  

But, in retrospect, I was also raising my teen sister and a neighbor's child - each with their own very strong personalities already developed - and our very young children.  I was trying to keep them all involved in scouting, schools, church and activities so they didn't have time to be in trouble.  Looking back on it, maybe I didn't do as bad as I feel like I did.  Oh of course, there are lots of things I should have done different.  I wish I could go back and have a redo, but I can't.  I just hope they know I love them and did the best I could.

All the kids are grown, were seldom in any kind of trouble at all, they are all self supporting, we are not raising any grandkids and we have wonderful, smart grandkids.  
We must have done something right.  

I look at the kids and think how did they become so successful?

They had decent parents who taught them values, morals, right from wrong, 
and to go for the gold.  Never give up on something you want.

I think we have all gold medal winners.
I am proud of our kids.

Real people kids and goat kids!

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