Monday, December 31, 2012

Busy, Busy Month!

As some of you are aware we moved our daughter, Stephenie, and her family to Oklahoma!  We moved about half a dozen loads like this from south Louisiana:

And of course in the midst of all of that was Christmas...  We raced home between one of the trips and decorated.   It was especially important to us since Punkin' would not have a 'home', leaving it behind and all the emotions that come with it - we figured she would need some Christmas spirit.  Thanks Steph for taking all these Christmas pictures!

See the cross?  We could not find one anywhere so Steve built it and I LOVE our cross!

This is what our fireplace and shelves looked like.  I think someone tossed a bunch of snowmen out there:

My Christmas village was set up for the first time in years:

I love the bonfire - it reminds me of all the Christmas Eve years we went to the Festival of the Bonfires

More snowmen...

And even more snowmen...

Someone might like snowmen...

Not sure about that, but I believe this house might like snowmen!

The kid settled in nicely - playing outside with the dogs every single day - most of the day. Even in the freezing cold weather, Punkin' and the dogs are running around our 20 acres!

Hmmm, the date might be wrong here... but see the chicken coop behind the kid and dogs? 

Yes, the chickens even made the trip.  Todd figured they would have severe PTSD when they arrived and would need counseling... 

But they settled into their new coop quite nicely:

So all is well  now in our world.  I had been sick for a month so posting was not on the top of my 'to do' list.  Even being sick, I still had to help with the move - but we made it happen!

Steph (our daughter) had surgery last Friday and her hubby, Todd, has surgery scheduled for the 2nd of January.  Maybe they will all be well starting the new  year.

Darn!  I have missed this. I have had eye trouble and could not see my computer.  More on that later... but for now, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope this New Year is the best and blessed yet for you and your loved ones.

I will be back, better than ever - and blogging again.

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