Monday, October 31, 2011

Finally Fall...

Steve and I went on a weekend holiday to Branson, Missouri.  It all started with going to Bass Pro - a huge sports shopping place.  While we were shopping there, there was a booth that offered us a weekend get away for just $100.  We paid our $100 and was promised $150 in Bass Pro gift cards in return for going and checking out a time share - so we took them up on their offer. 

This past weekend was our getaway.  Oh my goodness, did we hit the mother load of color!  I don't think we could have picked a better time to go on a fall color tour.  The leaves were intense and brilliant.  Our trip to and from Branson was breathtaking! 

Take a look at just a tiny bit of the color we saw:

And it got better - but that will come tomorrow!  I have to have something to post about later, right?  Lol... Don't worry, it is worth waiting for...

When we got back, we found a very confused Iris blooming at our place:

Aren't they supposed to bloom in the spring??
Our time share trip was great.  We loved where we stayed - at the Big Cedar Lodge - and the view was great.  We both needed a relaxing weekend after our summer and we finally got it.  No, we didn't buy into the time share...  *gulp* at the price... but I think if we hadn't just bought a house we might have considered it.  However, the weekend away was worth going for.

I am loving this cool weather.  I keep thinking in just a few weeks it will be winter!  It has been years since we lived with four honest to God seasons.  It is just so different from anything we remember - I hope we are up to it!  I think we will be, but now I am getting just a tad nervous... so far out in the country, and so many unknowns.  I am sure we will be fine, but we have a lot to learn.

Starting with our wood pellet stove... wishing I knew how to work it today to get the chill off the air here in the house.  Oh, well, I just cranked up the central unit heaters... time will teach us the rest.  

In the meantime, I need to enjoy the fall, right?

More pictures tomorrow.  

Gonna wash, iron and sew today... such a different life...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Has Come!

I think once a week will be my updates, unless of course I have something exciting to talk about... but this week, not so much.  

Chelsea was spayed last week:

And Chelsea is not a happy camper, can you tell?
I have spoiled her some - I hand fed her for the first few days - and she took total advantage of it - then I figured out she could darned well eat on her own!

Steve and I have been working on his shop.  As you know, we got it insulated, which meant it was time to start putting up walls.  Steve figured out how to do it so I didn't have to climb up 12 feet:

Leave it to him to use his noggin' to come up with something so simple... and yes, it follows all safety guidelines for those of you asking.  His house, his guidelines, he said!

 He attached the c-clamp to the plyboard stuff, hooked it to a pulley and pulled it right into place.  He used his fancy smancy new air gun to nail it to the wall.  I won't tell you about the time he had the nail gun, in one hand, the jig saw in the other and I assume his toes wrapped around the top rung of the ladder holding on while he was trying to saw the board to go into place... yes, if it sounds awkward it was - I was watching below hoping I could catch him if he came down - but of course he didn't!

Note how high this ladder is:

Anyway, we finally got the east wall done.  Only 3 more to go.  Too bad he only has me to help - he could probably whip through this right away with someone that really DID help!  Lol....

I have also been busy... watching horses:

Keeping up with the trees that are turning...

Yes, fall is definitely here!  I went out today and it is even more colorful, but of course I didn't have my camera.  I will have it this weekend though - be watching for more pictures.

You can always tell when fall comes to Oklahoma, just take a look at the power lines:

I remember when I was a kid, we would see miles of bands of birds flying... literally.  Today I was out driving and I saw lines full of them for as far as I could see... and I only had my cell phone, but you get the idea.  Fall means thousands of starlings.

I had a scrapbooking crop with some friends this week!

We all gathered in our den and cropped away.  Well, they did - I was terribly distracted, but I totally enjoyed it anyway.  I had a great visit with the girls even though I didn't accomplish much - but it was so much fun!  I am so out of date on scrapping - how will I ever catch up to the new and improved ways?

And I have been sewing.  I have made two table runners for the holidays:

I still have a few more matching table doilies to make, but I just wanted to show you these.  

And finally, I have pulled out that batik quilt to work on again... but I may have decided I am not a quilter.  Since I am so new to quilting, I really need side by side instruction on this one, but I am winging it - which means I have to redo it over and over until it is perfect... but I am determined, I will get it.  I WILL get it done...

And so that is how my life goes... all things compared, it is rather boring right now compared to what I have been doing for years.  But I am enjoying it.  I stay home, watch the horses, do a few things on the property, sew and cook.  Even though it sounds busy, I am relaxing for once... 

Something I am definitely not used to.

But I am doing my best to get used to it.  I promise!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Soaking It All In...

Wow!  I have been super busy with family coming in - sorry I took a break - but it was with good cause.  Our sister is moving from Seattle to Mobile and came to stay with us for a week while in transit.  We hung out at our house and relaxed mostly.  I don't think a crowbar would have encouraged the kids to leave 'the farm'.  

Our neighbors were kind enough to loan us their 7 horses and the kids loved visiting with them.  I think they got enough alfalfa to satisfy their cravings this last week!

When the kids weren't out there (like when they were eating and sleeping), the horses innocently hung out at the fence waiting for their return:

We did get out one day and head over to Okmulgee Lake for a picnic.  While we were sitting there, I was gazing off at the scenery:

Fall is in the air!  You can see the trees starting to change colors and we had a nice freeze last night.  I love the weather here, even if it is hot during the day, it is cool and comfy at night.  We never had that in Louisiana - and since I am not a hot weather person, maybe that is why I missed Oklahoma so much... ?

While we were at the lake, we went to the rock house and gathered the kids for a picture.  I think all of us (my siblings and I) have taken a picture in this very same place when we were wee little ones - much younger than these kids even! 

The girls tried like heck to kiss their brother for me - but it wasn't happening:

They even tried pinning him down - but it still didn't happen!

All of my brother and sisters were there - and one nephew and 2 nieces.  It was a great afternoon.  Love being in a place we all grew up in, enjoying it, soaking in the laughter, getting to know our new sister-in-law, and just relaxing.  Love days like that.

I have been busy trying to get the living room finished - we got the new furniture, and I am not an interior decorator, but I am trying to get it all worked out.  It is finally coming together.  I also went through my scrap room and got rid of a bunch of loot.  I still have tons to do in there, but I am finally getting it all worked out.  I had no idea moving was this much of a pain in the last!!

Today I got get my Chelsea dog.  She was spayed yesterday.  I sure have missed her.  I think Steve even missed her.  Will be glad to have her back.  We sure do love her!

And that kinda catches you up with our life for the last week and a half.  Even with all the work, I am just glad to have a landing zone that I love so much.  Living in the country is where my heart has always been.

Oh, I forgot to mention a dear friend gave us some iris (my favorite flower) and redbud trees.  We got them all planted and can't wait to see how they do!  I love that we have nearly  acres - the idea of being able to poke flowers in every nook and cranny is wonderful.  I am gonna have a good time!

And I will gladly share when it all starts multiplying... 

Oh!  And Steve had plenty of help planting:

Classy thought he needed a couple of nudges.  She was actually just trying to get more alfalfa.  I think she figured if she dumped him in the hole, he would anty up!  Steve and Classy have a thing going - she LOVES him!  Every time we go out in the pasture, Classy races up to him - I think she has a crush on him  ;-)

Awww, the busy-ness of it all... 

And so it goes...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Strata Star Center Piece

I completed my first quilting piece!  It is a centerpiece for my table.  I love, love, love it!

Haha! NOW you can see the front of it:

I know, for all you quilters out there, that it is not perfect - but please give me a break - it is my very first piece!  I will let you see my mistakes though  :-)

If you can't see it on that pic, here it is a bit closer:

Hey, I think I did a pretty darned good job all things considered.  I wish I had Mandy here to help - it would be great to have a very experienced quilter here to guide me.  Think there are any in my little corner of the world?  

If so, please speak up!  I would love some experienced guidance!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Another Family Day :-)

This weekend was great!  My sister is moving from Seattle to the Mobile area, and on the way down, her and the kids came to see us!  All of my family were in one place for the day - they all came to our place!  It is great having us all together again!

Don't ya think Shari and Danny both look great?  (They are twins if you don't know that already!):

Nate and BlueBee had a great time playing catch.  I think BlueBee would love it if everyone would just toss stuff to her all day long - and probably all night long too!

Here is a picture of Amanda just hanging out with us... actually I think she was hanging out with the critters.  She LOVES animals - here she is in heaven.  She has 7 horses, 7 cats, 4 dogs... and I am sure I can round up some more if she needs 'em!  Lol...

Nicole took time fishing. She sat on the dock and waited... and waited.  Unfortunately, no fish found her hook, but she was super patient!  She seemed to enjoy her quiet time:

Arianne was happy to sit by and watch the chaos.  She is such a lively girl - we love her!  I think Danny has found his true love - they seem so happy together and he looks great.  I think she does too!

Danny spent a lot of time with the kids teaching them how to try to catch a fish.  Didn't work, but his company was appreciated - the kids loved hanging around him... I wonder why?  Danny is a big kid himself is why!

He was super patient with the kids - even tried catching perch with corn, but I think the fish left for the day  :-(

 Biggee was the watch dog - she made sure no one acted up and guarded her mommy - I think she even gave me the evil eye!

Of course Steve took the kids out on the 4-wheeler.  They had a blast!  Bet they go again.  I think we need to buy another 4-wheeler...

BlueBee went swimming in the pond.  We did find out something when she did - the pond drops off considerably 3 feet out - she stepped off into... nothing!  She sure did start swimming fast!

Buddy is just not sure about all this... so he sits back and takes it all in:

And the cats?  Well, with all the dogs here, they found themselves a hiding place.  Gotta love catnaps!

I am amazed at how people friendly our house is!  We can have a houseful of people and not step on each other's feet at all. We love having friends and family over even more now!

Today is a quiet day; laundry, ironing and tidying up.  Shari seems to be enjoying letting the kids entertain themselves outside and I am just enjoying being with my sister.  Tomorrow, maybe we can play some!

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