Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Walk Around Our Pond

I was bored today, so I went for a walk around the pond and this is what I saw:

Monday, August 29, 2011

Having Some Picture Difficulties...

What a bummer!  A post with no pictures is almost not worth posting... but my Photo Shop is not working and my AcdSee is not working either - so I am pretty much without a way to process pictures.  Have no fear, I will post unprocessed pictures and you can still see what we have been up to - just promise not to cringe.  Here are a few:

Meet the crew:

Here's Jeremy - but I can't for the life of me figure out who he reminds me of...

This is Cheyenne, Jeremy's wife:

And one of the boys, Marcus:

Jeremy and 'Granny Bon":

Punkin may be tryin' to tell papa something about the grill:

The munchkins playing in my near empty living room - but the good news is I *did* order furniture for it!  The bad news - it will come in November!  Wow!

Steph and "Granny Bon":

Marcus and Aedan swinging:

Punkin' swinging:

Steph swinging with a little bit of begging going on - that swing is popular!

Marcus swinging and Raelee playing on the playground stuffs (it is at our house):

Jeremy and Aedan swinging:

And Granny Bon swinging while Rod and Steve are chatting:

As you can see, there was a whole lot of swinging going on at our house during the week long family reunion!  We had a wonderful visit with everyone.   This next week, Steve's Uncle Ronnie is coming in, then we will go visit his other uncle and after that, we will head on down to south Louisiana for Raelee's dance recital.  It's a busy life, but someone has to do it, right?

I am still in the process of trying to get things organized in the house.  Thank God for my sweet hubby Steve, who helped reorganize the kitchen.  I had taken things out of boxes and tossed it all in cabinets.  My organization skills lacked greatly - it was a mess.  But to be fair to myself, we were literally trying to get things out of boxes - not sure where anything would go or work well.  This past weekend, we tore it all apart, sorted out things for the camper, the outdoor kitchen (he will someday have), for Jacque and then tossed a few things in the 'get rid of' pile.  I still have some reorganizing to do in there, mainly in the (food) pantry - but it is looking good!  Great things are happening.  Thank you Steve!

Steve has made arrangements for the barn to be cemented the third week in September.  Do you know what that means?  All of his stuff in the barn needs to be moved out!  UGH!  Lol... Yeah, I am looking forward to that.  Not!  And now he has decided he needs another barn to put his vehicles in; you know, his boat, his tractor, our camper, and the four wheeler.  Oh man, this man has HUGE dreams!  T-Bone appetite with tube steak income... and we have yet to pay the first house note!  Dreaming is free though  :-)

Off to find something useful for me to do.  I am bored - mainly because I am sick of house work and I can't get the 4 wheeler out to work outside.  The darn bike is blocking it in.  Oh shucks.  Maybe I will go to town!

Or not.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Family Time Over

A picture with our grand kids  :-)

Well, the end of the family time has come;  Jeremy and his family made it back home after a beautiful tour through Colorado, Arizona and Nevada.  Steph and Raelee made it back home safely making their connections (a miracle in itself) and all is now quiet here again.  TOOooo quiet.  I loved the visit;  it was great - we rode the 4 wheeler, went out in the boat, cut up and chatted.  We had a great visit with everyone.   

Our home was once again like a revolving door; Jeremy and his family was here, Steph and Raelee came, Steve's mom and step-dad came in, my bother and nephew, my niece and her boyfriend, my sister and step-dad were all in and out... busy but very nice to have everyone here.  

Our house is definitely visitor friendly!  We now know picked just the right place - though we were pretty certain of it already.  With as many people as we had coming and going, no one was under anyone else's feet and we were not annoying each other.  The kitchen is the perfect place for large group cooking and of course the outside is the bomb!  We are extremely happy with the way the visit went.  Now if I would just get the living area (remember I never did find a sleeper sofa set for it) situated, it would be perfect - but it was darned close now!

On a more sobering note, I had my rib block yesterday.  It was where they numbed my entire lower left rib cage with Novocaine and Lidocaine.  I quit counting on the 11th shot.  OH.  MY.  GAWD.  It.  Hurt!  It completely numbed my side, but the pain was still there - and that was what they wanted to see.  What this means is that they now know the pain is deeper than abdominal wall.  The Dr is now scheduling a CAT scan with contrast.  I have had one before, but he wants to be sure that nothing has come to light now 2+ years into the pain.  Will update on that as soon as it takes place.  In the meantime, my side is black and blue and I look like a pin cushion and feel like a truck with tire studs drove over me.  The good part of that is it is BEHIND me now and we can move on.

Off to a dentist appointment now - once it is behind me all the torturing for this week is over.  I should celebrate - right?  Or maybe I will just clean and reclaim our little heavenly corner of the world so we can have more company.  

Life is good.  

Tomorrow with no pending Dr/Dentist visits, it will be better.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Still Playing

While everyone is out in the Tahoe... well, everyone can't be out in the Tahoe... so some swim.  More like attack swim - but they have fun!

In the mean time, there are others out in the Tahoe playing.

Some are waiting to play:

And some are being silly:

While they were out in the boat, they taught Marcus how to get up on the knee board:

And he DID IT!

And he stayed up forever!

Some times I can look and think we are in Louisiana:

And we are having a great time just visiting:

Today Steph comes with Raelee, which means more fun coming!  :-)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tahoe Time

We went out  in the boat yesterday!  I took a few pictures, but even though it was short lived, we had fun riding in it:

And here is your smile for the day:

It is not what it looks like - it is Jeremy wearing mom's hat because I couldn't reach it and he was grabbing a million things for us so he just tossed it on his head  :-)  Too bad mom had a camera handy - but he shoulda known!

And the reason our trip was cut short is in the picture below.  We found a monster in the lake.  We never saw it, but it bit a chunk off of the prop.  And that put an early end to our boat ride  :-(

He saw a man at Lowe's and they got to talking about boats, lakes and all and Steve told him about his mishap.  The man asked him if he got a new propeller and Steve told him yes he bought another aluminum one because the other (steel?) was so expensive.  The man said, "You should have paid the extra, 'cause it's gonna happen again!"  Lol... Steve was laughing - the guy knows the lake we were in well apparently.  But I gotta tell ya, his first clue shoulda been the the egrets standing in the water a few hundred feet away.

Anyway, that is all for tonight - Later Gator!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

In My Mind's Eye

I see things other people don't see.  No, not little men in white coats, but little balls with black shadows.  

Tonight I was sitting outside watching the moon rise in the sky.  I saw another vision.  Again.  Other people don't see it - so why do I?  It jumps out at me and screams COOL STUFF SIS!  And of course, I had to run in and grab my camera.

And I took pictures of it as the moon rose:

Now why can't other people see these cool things?

Man, I don't want to be my kids weeding through my pictures when I croak.  My apologies to them before it happens.  Kids, just remember I love you when you look through everything that was in my minds eye - cause I promise I took a picture of it.  Or a thousand of pics of it.

Singapore Memory Project