Friday, July 31, 2009

Eighteen THOUSAND Five Hundred and Fifty...

18,550 Gallons

That is how many gallons of water went into our house during 'our great flood'.

That should answer the question I have been asked over and over and over.

Just call it Red's lake house.

Kitchen Cabinets Coming Soon :-)

Our contractor came today and laid out our kitchen cabinets so he can get the materials to start Monday. The cabinets on the left will be 12' long, the ones on the right 42" with a 30" pantry - making it 72" or 6' total on the left! Can you imagine nearly 20' of counter space? How FUN! I will have a place for everything now right there in the kitchen :-)

They are moving the dishwasher over to the left of the sink - finally we will be able to open a drawer without having to first open the dishwasher. That will be something to smile about. We are working right now on the drawers, lazy susan and logistics of cabinets. I am lovin' it!

Counter tops are ordered and on the way. On the 10th the floor is coming in - can you believe it? I am amazed at the speed at which things are getting done. Yippee!

Moving in and house warming party to come soon :-) Kim is in charge... lol...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Here They Are :-)

Our colors are up! I think I love them :-)

Our living room:

The color is closet to the one on the right in the living room, more beigy and not yellowy:

Our dining room: The color is close to the one on the back wall:

My old scrap room or what used to be Jeremy's room:

The master bedroom:

The new scrap room or what used to be Steph's room:

It is a tad bit yellower than I wanted because the sunlight hits it differently, but I still like it for a scrap/craft/crap room...

The bathrooms are the same color the living room is so I can change colors in there on a whim - you know, women are allowed to do that ;-)

Let me know what you think :-)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Paint Today :-)

We will see if I like the colors - the paint crew starts today :-) Wish us luck!

While they are painting, we are going over to Lowe's to pick up all the stuff we have bought for the house - like several thousand dollars worth of 'stuff' :-( Later, Steve has to cut out the window in the shower too - I am hoping and praying that goes well.

We have both been diligently chipping away at all the stuff that has to be done. One hour at a time, so many tasks to mark off the list.
So much work - now ask me if I will ever build a house... lol...

Yesterday while sweeping the gypsum dust from the floor after the sheet rockers finished their job, I was thinking. I know this sounds silly, but all this time we have wanted to do a simple remodel of the house. Not all at once, but gradually do it. Gradual little pieces of our life made new.

Yesterday while sweeping, I was thinking about this entire mess. While in Singapore, I miss our home and stuff. I know everyone knows how I feel about that. Now that all of our stuff is packed, and our entire house is torn apart, I realized that it is no longer 'our' house. It is not our paint, our flooring, our nicks and marks or our familiar smells and comfort. Some of our furniture is even gone now. Yes, I know it will be all new, but instead of the gradual change, the entire house changed and taken our old comfy life with it.

Deep in thought I realized there is nothing to keep me here now except our wonderful back yard - and of course Steph and pR. But, I am talking specifically about our house. We used a door frame to put our kids growing marks on it. It is no longer there :-( Jeremy's 'slick' floor - gone :-( Steph's cubby hole closet - gone :-( along with junk she put in it. The secret hiding place I had - gone :-( The Christmas shelf - gone :-(
I know, I know, it will all be replaced and better than before. When it is, I will be right back in Singapore - not going back to making this home again. Back in our other life.

Decisions... lots of thoughts going on here.

Less than one stinkin' inch of water. Ugh.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Aedan!

I know we celebrated Aedan's birthday when we were there in June, but his real birthday is today. We hope you have a wonderful birthday Aedan :-)

Granny and papa love you very much!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our Colors - Finally :-)

Picking out colors has sure been a challenge, but I finally got it done thanks to several people helping out. Thanks Carey, Steph, Jenny and Peggy!

The living room, hall and baths are all going to be the beige. Dining area is the pretty green, Jeremy's bedroom a dusty gray, our bedroom a dusty blue and I just could not compromise my scrap room - it will be the sunny yellow. I loved it so much and had not gotten to use it much so I am sticking with it. The floors are in the picture with the paint samples. What do you think?

pR went into our house a few minutes ago and saw a really tall man! Here is what she really saw:

She thought he was pretty cool!

The sheet rockers are about through floating our walls - paint comes next! Yippee!


What a way to wake up! A six year old whopping you in the face with a pillow will do it every time! Granny high tailed it out of our little room in the camper and grabbed the camera. After a suitable fight with pillows, Granny, papa and pR are all up and around, ready to work on the house.

Yesterday we bought nearly $4000 worth of stuff from Lowe's. You have no idea how glad I will be when this is over. Steve leaves Tuesday to go back to Singapore. Ask me if my tummy is in a knot. It is. He is haggling with the contractors over the bid right now. Thankfully he looked it over carefully (they just brought it Friday) and he sees they have overcharged for on some things. I have never worked with contractors - how in the world am I going to get through this without him? AAaaaargh!

I will just opt to play with pR :-) She is a great stress reliever. Gotta love a 6 year old snaggle toothed smile and giggle.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Done at One

The sheet rockers are done and they were indeed done by 1 pm.

Ok, I Am Impressed!

Sheet rock arrived at 8:25am

80+ 4x12 sheets unloaded by 8:40am:

Supervisors discuss strategy:

Jam box plugged in, turned on and cranked up

Microwave ready and waiting:

Work started at 8:45am

15 (FIFTEEN) minutes into it and we have 2 ceilings hung, 2 closets finished and walls in 2 bedrooms going up.
I think they know what they are doing.

Steve watching in amazement:

"1200 sq ft house should be done by 1pm."

I am not taking bets - I might lose ;-)
Heck,by the time I finish this blog post, they might be DONE!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sheet rock tomorrow :-)

Things are moving right along - I know it sounds too good to be true, but sheet rock will be hung tomorrow - we got all the insulation up today after the rest of the framing was done. Steve has been working on some plumbing and getting the guys straight on what needed framed and how he wanted it done. Thank God he is here - I have no idea how we needed things done.

We are finally getting to where he can go back to Singapore - but we still have flooring to take care of - that will be this weekend. We both have been going at lightening speed trying to get it all together so he can comfortably leave. Both of us wish it didn't have to happen, but we know it does. He has made sure the camper is hooked up solidly and is continuing to be sure I am trained to do what needs to be done. He has packed most everything, stored it in storage units and the shop. He has supervised the work inside, done some plumbing, done some electrical work, done some framing and hung some insulation. There have been so many decisions that have to be made. What in the world will I do when he leaves?

Thankfully, I trust the guys working here, so hopefully it will be ok. What a huge undertaking. What a worry for him. I can't imagine either of us being in the position we are, but it is so and so we will work with it. I am so thankful he has been able to be here as long as he has. God will help us through the rest.

Anyway, sheet rock tomorrow, floating Saturday, reworking Monday and paint Tuesday. I think I have the colors picked out now, so I am feeling a bit better about that. I will know more when I get blessings from a few people. Or I will have to change my mind... lol...

Flooring on Monday of the following week. Can you believe it? I know it will slow down when the finish work is going on, but I am so happy with the way things are going right now. I know we are all working together to throw it back together, but we are making huge strides knowing we need to get him back to Singapore. While he is gone, I can be buying the furniture we have to replace. That in itself will be a task.

Will we make it from leak to remodeled in 2 months? I think there is a really good chance. I intend to slam dunk the insurance adjusters 3-4 months in the trash. I cannot be separated from Steve that long. Wish us luck!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Something About This Cap...

Something about this cap (or any other one papa wears) makes a princess smile.

She has always loved papa's caps - even when she was tiny. She has always grabbed them off of his head and giggles as she does so.

She tosses them on her head with a smile and the fight begins. Papa gets his cap back and the princess grabbing it again and plopping it back on her head. Constant bantering back and forth, laughter and fun and silly stuff...

Oh the memories a grand baby brings
All the memories of wonderful things
Laughter and giggles and wonderful play
Can make a granny and papa smile all day :-)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We Have Doors :-)

Finally we are seeing forward progress! We have doors installed both in the front and almost finished in the back. The front is all framed up and ready for trim, the back is set in and waiting for the framing in. YAY! I feel like we are getting somewhere.

Aren't the french doors going to make a huge difference in our lighting in the kitchen?

We have a small house, so lighting is important to us - we like lots of light.

The plumber has come and done all his work; all three sinks are done PROPERLY (you should have seen the mess), the new tub surrounds are plumbed and the water for the ice maker is routed.

The electrician has almost finished all the wiring, adding new outlets and lights, then moving other lights.

The carpenter is nearly finished framing everything in; he has the back door left and a couple small things. He has reworked our closets and made a half wall between the living room and dining room. He has until Thursday night to get ready for the sheet rock crew. He will have it done, he works mighty fast :-)

Friday, the sheet rock crew comes in. They assure us the sheet rock will be hung by Friday, and floated on Saturday. It will cure until Monday morning, be reworked and ready to go the first of next week! Can I jump for joy??

I am so happy with our contracting crew! GO STEVE!

Does anyone have suggestions for flooring? I don't want carpet. I am contemplating wood, laminate, or ceramic tiles. Suggestions? Pros? Cons?

Paint. Man! What a pain in my backside! I am about to paint the entire house a beautiful light wheat color. I am telling ya man, I am no good at this stuff. If you have suggestions go for it! I already have Ann and Steves. White. Roll vinyl flooring. If I don't get some other ideas, we may just go with all of the above ;-)

Monday, July 20, 2009

From This... to This...

Our house is finally all packed, all the walls are torn down and we are moving forward. Man, has it been a ride!

We have watched the walls our home of 16 years fall down around our feet. It has been an amazing and awakening experience - a bit surreal if you ask me. Little did I know that a little water would change our lives so very much. We are doing good; we are making a lot of decisions, we are falling more in love with our camper and we are watching in amazement as 3 men begin to bring our home back to life after 6 days of drying out and sprays for the mold.  We are guaranteed there will be no moisture problems as a result of this flood.  Whew.  I want to spend another 16 years in it...

We have finished packing the entire house, thrown away what needed to be thrown and are hauling it away with the rest of the sheet rock from our walls.

We picked out front doors, the back doors, and tub surrounds. We have talked about (but not chosen) floors. I guess paint is my job, though I am going nuts worrying about it. I will get it, but repeat after me, eb is not an interior decorator... lol... Paint and floor picking out needs to be done this week I am told. *shivers*

The guys are almost finished framing up the last of the changes we made for the house. Since we had it all out anyway, we made 2 walk in closets out of two long ones with lots of unusable space; the new small walk ins will be for our room and one for Jerbears room but will be all usable space. We changed a closet opening from Steph's room (it was a second closet) to the bathroom as it had no closet space, and then we made one tiny and unusable space from my closet into one large linen closet opening into the hall. We also took out the bookcase in the living room and they are making a half wall there today. We have moved some lights and added a few lights, added a few outlets and made some more accessible. As you can tell, we are clipping right along at a fast pace. That is why I have not posted in a few days. We have been so busy I have literally fell into bed when I get in the door and showered.

Here is what we have gone from and to:

Here is the new half wall in the living room made with pink wood I and G are so impressed with :-)

Life is busy but good right now. The shock of it all is beginning to dull and we are moving on. Of course we have no choice, but it is finally getting better. We can see an end in sight since it is flying right along.

I must say, my husband's work sure has come in handy. The contractors we have are from a company he has done business with for years. When they found out our problems, they offered to pull a crew together, jump right in and get rolling - and at a fair price. I am sure they are looking at the long term paybacks, but I cannot thank these guys enough for what they have done. One of the guys offered to help make decisions when Steve is gone and I trust him; believe me, he knows Steve and knows what and what not to do. Some things are just going to have to be done when Steve is gone. I am ok doing that and if I run into questions, between Steph, Todd and Mike, we can get it done. I am finally resting a bit easier.

Steve will be here for one more week and hopefully most of the rest of the big decisions will be done by then, we will have rented another storage unit and the rest of the stuff hauled to storage. I am so thankful for that. There is still a lot of decisions to be made, but we are getting those whipped out this week. We are down to patting a couple of fires at once, instead of dozens at once.

Anyway, off to send the adjuster measurements and pictures. That should take the rest of the day for me. Steve is hauling trailers full of furniture and sheet rock away.

Later 'gator!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Quick Update

The last of the sheetrock is gone. The insurance adjuster let us know today to pull it down due to the mold. We had 3 rooms left and the guys got them out of there today. The plumber has been in replumbing everything and double checking for safety. We have the electrician working on the wiring. Heck, we will have a brand new house!

What a learning experience!

We are packing the shop this weekend. Tonight, I am taking a break because I need some pR time. I love that girl so much! We are going to play cards and games. Can't wait to have some time with her. That is the best part of coming home - punkin!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lord Grant Me the Patience...

... to endure my blessings. When the kids lived with me, one of my friends came up with this little hen that had four chicks by it that had this saying. If I have heard once, I have heard a hundred times "This is a blessing in disguise". No offense, but I don't like this 'blessing' one bit.

There is something about wandering into your house, being able to see from one end to the other end and seeing nothing but studs; not the good looking guys I would like to see, but 2x4 board studs:

2 weeks ago, all was well in my happy little world. I was dealing with the return emotions in Singapore after having returned from the states - and actually doing rather well. I had made a new neighbor friend (hi Debby!) and we had just joined an Asian art painting class on a whim the night before the phone call that would turn our world upside down. Thankfully no people were lost, but our home was... and it was... well... really, really wet. Little did I know how much that would effect our lives.

Now what is left of our house is in the shop (we haven't even touched that yet), sitting on trailers or at the dump:

The house is now down to studs for the most part. We have 1 bathroom they have not called yet, and the two back bedrooms that have a bit over a foot of sheetrock cut off the bottom. I am finally starting to wrap my mind around this mess and dealing with it as it comes - and believe me, it is coming fast.

Steve hired a contract crew who has already started the renovations. Tomorrow, they were putting doors on the front and back and tub in the bathroom. Finally, we were getting somewhere. Today, Stephenie walked in the bedrooms and found... MOLD on the sheetrock that we thought was ok. It is not. It is not in one place - it is all over the entire two bedrooms. I think we are back to square one - tearing out sheetrock. I am sure that will be coming down tomorrow.

Ok, so this is a blessing in disguise, right? Or so I am told...

I was happy with my old house and I know I will be happy with my new house. However, I don't want to be alone making decisions on our house. I don't want to be picking everything out by myself. I don't want to be away from my hubby - that is why I moved halfway around the world with him - I was sick of being away from him. Guess what? He goes back to work soon (in Singapore) and I get to remodel the house here in Louisiana. Do I feel alone already? Yeah. I do. He is here, he is handling everything now but he will be gone for the majority of this renovation. I will get to pick out all the colors, the floors, the dishwasher, the furniture, the curtains... heck, most everything.

He knows... and honestly I know he does not want to be gone, but he will be. So I am asking, Lord please grant me the patience to endure my blessings; You have before and I am counting on You to do it again. k?


Oh, and did I mention they want to do exploratory surgery for my pain? They think it might be adhesions? Yeah, I'm gonna schedule that in the midst of this...


Rant Over. Tomorrow is a new day. Today was pretty crappy.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Contractor Hired!

"Start demolition tomorrow, 7:30am".

"I thought the demolition was done."

"Nope, ceilings coming down and last bathroom torn out this week. We need electrician Thursday, plumber Friday."

YAY! It is rolling :-)

Spreading Some Cheer :-)

An internet friend, Ben, sent this to me to lift my spirits. Indeed it did. I just want to share it with everyone else. Please take a few minutes to watch This Awesome Video

Off to start packing some more stuff from the shop and loading the pile of house the last men left.

Thanks Ben :-)

Monday, July 13, 2009

What is Wrong With This Picture?

Can you see a problem here?

Look really close...

Ok, maybe it doesn't look like a problem, but this picture is taken outside with pretty plants and trees in the background. The list of inconveniences of not having a house is getting mighty long. Today, I need to fold laundry but I must do it on my table outside.
The next question is where do I put it when it is folded?

Funny how you take these things for granted... you may laugh with me now :-)

Singapore Memory Project