Saturday, May 30, 2009

Some Pictures Say it All

This is one of them. Jer Bear will love this one.

I love the way her hair swirls :-)

The Best Part of Waking Up...

... is the PILLOW FIGHT!

SURPRISE! Granny and papa got WHOPPED when we woke! We had a great pillow fight - I think the girls won :-)

We had stuff to do to get ready for the party today. Cupcakes were first. Both girls worked very hard making cupcakes. M took her job seriously - pR who has had a bit more experience, was not so patiently waiting on the whisk... the beaters... the spoons... the bowl... geeez, we are lucky we have enough for cupcakes!

M was not too sure of this whole ordeal - she had to watch pR to see how it was supposed to be done:

They both had a yummy cup cake making party:

Can you believe they wanted BREAKFAST after all the cupcake batter?

pR wanted TACOS for her birthday breakfast:

Hey, I am the granny, do you really think *I* care?

M wanted graham crackers and chocolate milk.

Granny showed her how the big girls eat them - graham crackers dunked in white milk - she ate a whole package of them!

We are having a great time :-)

MMMmmmmmm goood! Lovin' grandkids!

Friday, May 29, 2009

An Evening with Granny

The girls came over to spend the night with us. Just in case we had silly games at the birthday party tomorrow, granny had us practice carrying a ball on a spoon. They girls got pretty darned good at it! At first they had to really concentrate:

Then they got brave enough to pass each other:

Then brave enough to look away from the ball:

And one was even brave enough to do it in heels!

They will be all ready just in case silly games are played at their birthday party.

But we don't think that is going to happen... granny had to keep us busy. 23 years of Girl Scout practice sure does help entertain kids...

Granny always lets grand kids cook when they are together.

When pR was little, granny told her she needed to tear the lettuce in bite sized pieces. pR did as she was told, she bit off pieces of lettuce and spat them in the bowl - well, it was bite sized pieces, right? Today granny was much smarter. She told M that she needed to make big pieces of lettuce into little tiny pieces of lettuce for tacos. M did just as she was told:

pR was in charge of grating the knuckl... ummm... cheese:

They both took their jobs seriously and worked very well together - and very hard:

Granny never minds a little mess, as long as we all clean it up. Exactly where the cheese goes does not matter as long as it is not on granny's counter. The girls did a very good job eating all the stray pieces:

After supper, tummies full, the girls were ready to cuddle in blankies and watch tv.

M is so cute the way she holds her blankie. I have fallen in love with her. She has a very beautiful, dynamic personality - we immediately fell in love with her. Isn't she sweet?

There was a near tragedy when M was all tucked in and it was "granny and pR time". We went to look for manicure supplies and realized they were at pR's house! Granny had pR jump back into her clothes and we made a 10:00pm mad dash to THAT store - and thankfully we did not see Ms Anita there. We ran in and picked out the coolest colors of finger nail polish we could find. When we got home, we gave each other a manicure - pR did mine and I did hers. I did not get pictures of us doing the manicure (who can paint finger nails and take pictures) but I did get a picture of what one half us us looks like:

The other half of us looks the same. Ok, almost. pR did a fine job painting granny's hands to match hers :-)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

All is Well Here...

Had my tests today and they did not find any reason for my left side pain. So, YAY, I am ok. Have no idea why I hurt all the time, but at least it is not anything serious. Now I will just work on working it out. Gotta walk and exercise and get back healthy again. I will start tomorrow ;-)

Thanks for all the prayers. Yeah, I am mystified but what can I say? I am not wasting another dime on phantom pains. It'll be okay. I will enjoy my weight loss and say all is well and it is my hard work paying off.

Hope you all have a great day - I still need to sleep off drugs, clean house and get ready for the next party!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mud Bugs

First you take 80 pounds of mud bugs (crawfish) and put them in an ice chest. We figure between 4-5 pounds per person plus 10 pounds for good measure should do the trick:

get lots of supervisors to watch the process of cleaning and purging them:

Kids should test them
for aggressiveness:

And stir
them to help clean them:

They should check out the rock garden while waiting:

And everyone not in on the boiling process should sit around visiting and relaxing:

and enjoying each others company:

Babies should be made to giggle:

And everyone should patiently wait on the first serving:

You must enjoy the beauty of the feast:

Then it is time to DIG IN:

Adults should take time to teach the ways of the world to the young ones:

They must learn to suck the head:

Suck the claws:

Pinch the tails:

And chow down:

The cook should remember to test the last batch to be sure the seasoning was perfect:

It is important to enjoy the bounty of friends and family during the feast:

You should be too full to walk after eating all you can eat then one more tray:

But you should still be able to make funny faces:

And get really dirty:

Children should eat pudding:

and Jello:

and strawberry pie:

and watermelon:

and Cool Whip:

The clean up should include the trays, pots, utensils:

And of course the kids:

Finally, you must roll home, shower and fall into a blissful sleep dreaming about the next get together.
Next weekend ye shall repeat the backyard fun; different day, different food, same friends and maybe a few more shall show up because they found out you are home again.

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