Sunday, July 30, 2017

A LONG Trip is Behind Us...

We left.  I got out of the hospital and we left for our Yellowstone vacation!!  What a long, wild ride!

A trip long planned; it took us over a year actually.  We started planning with Steve's cousin, Janine, who lives near Denver.  Aunt Sandra and Uncle Weldon heard and we said "come along!"  Mother and Rod jumped on board.  Mike and Joan joined in.  And before long we had a butt load of people heading north - after the big family reunion of course... but more about that later.

This is just part of us... We drove through Kansas:

We drove through Nebraska:

We drove through Wyoming.... a windmill randomly placed in the tumbleweeds:

We found a forest in Wyoming:

And a windmill to keep the grass cool somewhere in between... we passed through so many states I lost count of where... 

There is a song here somewhere here, I just know it...

And we finally found South Dakota and parked ourselves for a few days.  Crazy horse was our first attraction - only because it was near Mt Rushmore:

Well, the beginnings of it anyway... this is that it will look like when it is finished.  If you enlarge the picture above, you can see big cranes, machines and tools up there.  It will be pretty amazing... 

But nothing compares to this:

This was done with NO cranes.  No heavy machinery.  This was man-carved.  I was awestruck:

Then we went to The Badlands *gasp!*

It was breathtaking and God-made!  

And we went to Custer State Park; where we saw rams and buffalo:

Wait, I think the buffalo was in town:

And this is just the beginning!

I am BACK!!

If my blog would post from my phone, I would be a happy camper - but it doesn't... so I have catching up to do!  Get ready!

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