Wednesday, June 14, 2017

We Did It! We Did It! We Really, Really Did!

It has been a rough two weeks for us, but we DID it!

My Dr plunked me in the hospital for two miserable weeks for IV antibiotics to get the 4.5 year sinus infection and chronic bronchitis under control.  I survived and so did Steve.  When I came home (after begging the Dr to let me pack - the case manager said I was a first ever to be released early by him - I whine good!) I had another 5 days of IV antibiotics Steve had to administer 24/7.  We got 'er done and I have been able to pack for our vacation!  

Here are a few pictures of what we went through during those 5 days:

That little round cylinder is my medicine!  There medicine was one small cylinder and the other medicine was a large cylinder.  CVS invented these COBAN cylinders to give you IV antibiotics without the pole - they self deliver!  I actually put these in my apron pocket and went about my business while the antibiotics delivered through the pressurized system.  WAY TO GO CVS!  It was about as easy as it could be considering the circumstances.  The courier even delivered the medicine cases (2 HUGE boxes) from 2 hours away.  They called before we left the hospital and met us at our house for delivery!

AND I got the PICC line out today!  After a visit with the Dr, he agreed it was time to remove it - but in the same breath said, "Next time we won't let it go so long..."  

NEXT TIME... *sigh*  He is pretty sure this won't be the last time I have IV antibiotics.

But we did get some good news!  My IgG has dropped well below what is considered to be a normal level.  I shouldn't be making antibodies, but when he tested my pheumoccocal vaccine titer, I had made antibodies against some of the pneumonia types - not all, but some!  So... we are waiting on more tests, but my body is making antibodies to some extent.  My Dr said he has no idea how that is happening, but it is.  YAY!  

Now, my update on whether or not this helped - I feel better than I have in a very long time! So these IV antibiotics definitely did help!  I am stoked!

Well that was my week.  I am packing for an adventure the next few days, but I will try to update about something fun now!  Like I said, it has been a rough few weeks.

Putting my Ninja Warrior suit on so I won't be annoyed by infections!

Immunodeficiency Sucks.

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