Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thanksgiving Holidays

Finally the last 'draft' post in my blog that didn't get posted... and I have them all out now.  They were too good to toss out, so now they are all posted.  Brought back a lot of sweet, sweet memories.  Thanks for putting up with them.  This one is dated 11/29/2010:

What did we do for Thanksgiving?  We missed Todd of course  :-(

But we were brave and we made the best of it.  We smoked turkey in our own smoker:

The dogs monitored it closely:

But regardless of their interest, we still had a turkey left when the time was done:

Steph made yummy home-made rolls:

Punking and I cut veggies:

She cut a lot by herself:

And she had all 10 fingers left when she was finished!  She used every one of them to fold napkins and set the table:

We decorated the tree:

We reminisced about the special ornaments:

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