Monday, May 29, 2017

Just Call Me Absent...

I have once again been absent... but there are reasons... and I am not permanently gone, just pausing...

I haven't been well. This sinus infection gets me down. I always have it, but it is in different stages of how bad.  Lately, I guess with spring we are in the icky stage... 

I had blood work done last Tuesday.  Thursday, my sinus infection took a turn to a sick sinus infection... Friday, thinking ahead for the holiday weekend, I called my nurse asking for a change in antibiotics.  Little did I know how that would change my weekend plans.  I was admitted to the hospital!  Dr Carey decided that one year of constant antibiotics had not worked so we should do IV antibiotics.  I tried to put him off  until Tuesday, but it was a no-go.  "Dr wants you at the hospital tomorrow morning."  "How long will I be there?"  "Plan on a week at least." "!!! GULP !!!"

Here I am!  I have 2 different antibiotics running into my IV's, just rotating out.  I am taking one by mouth.  I am getting iron (I am anemic) and potassium.  And I am stuck in a hospital room at least one week.

He told me yesterday they will put a PICC line in for long term (at least 2 weeks) of IV antibiotics.  Depending on how I tolerate them, he will determine when I get to go home.  The nurses assure me not to get my hopes up for short term;  Dr Carey's patients get long visits due to their immunodeficiencies.  I am on the cancer ward.  Cancer patients take chemo which lowers their immunities.  I am in isolation.  People who come in have to have masks on.  I don't see faces - just eyes... and I cannot have fresh fruits and veggies.  Do you know how much that sucks?  I LOVE fresh fruits and veggies!

I am not going to lie - I am a little unnerved.  My immunodeficient friends say this is common - to get used to it.  How in the world can I get used to this? And I DON'T WANNA!!

I want to go back to oblivious... not knowing what I am facing... what could happen... what could likely be my demise... I want to go back to my old, fast, amazing, busy, adventurous and fun life.

I want to be absent minded about my health.

I just want to be absent in this whole process.

What do you think God has in mind for me?  I like to try (!) to figure this out... So far, for nearly everything that has happened in my life, God has led me to the reason it did... so could I be a find for the cure for someone's illness someday?  Who knows?

I just know God is not finished molding me yet because I still grace His earth.  I am not absent.

So here I am!  You might see a lot of me.  I have plenty of isolation time.  I might find my way here more often, absentmindedly posting about sweet nothings going on in my life.  

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