Thursday, March 30, 2017

We Lost a Baby Goat Yesterday :-(

I can finally post this - I have been terribly heartbroken.

Sadly, yesterday was a rough day.  One of Stephenie Bryant Simmonds goats went into labor.  The baby presented with its hooves behind its head, which meant Daisy (her goat) needed help.

Stephenie and her friend, Ashley,  tried valiantly to save the little girl, but it died.  It was a tough day for us all.  She was a beautiful baby.  😢  We lost one of God's precious gifts...

I am sorry, Steph.  Love you bunches.  ❤️

I can't leave this post with sad... I have to share a sweet picture of a 'borrowed' goat.  The shelves are about a foot high - so you can see this is a tiny little tyke.  He is about 3 weeks old.  The funny thing is, he went exploring and found Steph's unicorn blanket - from when she was a teenager.

This little guy made me smile, but I am still heartbroken over Steph and Daisy's loss.

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