Wednesday, August 12, 2015

We Lost a Dear Friend Today...

Solemn news this morning... Steve's first boss passed away. He was not only a boss, but a very dear friend; one we found when we moved far away from our families, he took us in as his own. We had holiday meals with his family and shared many years of fun and laughter with him and his wife, Bertha.

When we went to Louisiana a couple of months ago, Bertha and Paul were some of the 'firsts' on our lists of people to visit.  You know, their age was up there and time was running out.  They have been very near and dear to our hearts for many years. Paul has been taking care of Bertha who has been an invalid for many years; bathing, caring, feeding, carrying, bedding and loving Bertha.

Paul passed away in his sleep overnight.  No suffering, just fell asleep and didn't wake up.  He left behind Bertha, his very best friend for 65+ years.  Can you say a few prayers for Bertha?

Here is a picture of us all together; Steve, Lindel (another one of Steve's co-workers and dear friends), Edith, with Paul and Bertha this last May. All treasured friends. 

May you rest in peace, Paul.  We're gonna miss you.

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