Friday, September 27, 2013

Good Morning... My Brother's House Burned Down

I have not forgotten you.  I am still not well and have had a lot of big things happen and have been taking oodles of medical tests...  I have given so much blood this last month I think I am at the point I need to get blood to give blood!  Anyhoo it all caught up with me (mentally).  With me not feeling well, I just cannot post and make any reason right now.  I will be back.  

Among the other things that have happened, my brother's house burned to the ground.  They lost nearly everything.  I am so very sick with diverticulitis, blood problems and sinusitis that I can't help, which makes me feel so damned guilty...

Keep us all in your prayers.

I will be back as soon as I wrap my mind around everything and can find my smiley place again... 

It'll happen.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Worst Hostess of the Year Award Recipient - Me! :-(

Guess you figured it out, eh? I have been sick for 2 weeks now!  Thank God I am on the road to recovery finally.  It'll take me a bit to you catch up, but I will do my best!

We had some friends come over this past weekend.  I was so sick Saturday I was no fun - I had a bad reaction from a pneumonia shot, complete with high fever and soreness.  Laura and Mike were such good sports about it, they had left before the reaction started and got here just as my temperature spiked to 102.8! 

Thank goodness we got through it - I just stayed in my recliner under the covers all day and visited.  Sunday, I woke feeling better, so the guys went out for a bike ride:

Laura and I hopped on the 4-wheelers and took them out on the back 10 for a spin:

I  think she enjoyed herself!  I tried to upload a picture of her going over the ditch to the back property, but blogger wouldn't allow that... drats!  It was cute!

Many moons ago, when Steve and I were young, Steve called Mike (far left) and asked if he wanted to be best man in our wedding.  Mike said "Sure! When is the date?" 

Steve answer; "Tonight!"

Can you imagine that phone call?  Mike had to take off of work just after lunch and race two hours to where we were getting married.  No there were no real plans; just $50 bucks, a rose purchased at the flower shop and a ring a friend's mom had made... and a preacher.
We have been married  36 years now!  Guess you don't need a fancy wedding...

Laura and I also went to Raelee's 4-H meeting,  We got to see how she holds her chicken "like a pizza'!

That is one spoiled chicken!  Yes, that chicken is alive - and her name is Margaret. 

Thanks Mike and Laura for coming to visit. I accept the 'Worst Hostess of the Year Award' with 'precious moments' eyes... I am blessed for the precious time you spent with us and even those moments I was so sick, it meant the world that you were here with us.  Come back!  I promise next time to wear you out and show you what our life is really like!

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