Friday, August 11, 2017

Day 2 Post Infusion and T-Shirt Book Bags

Wow!  That is all I can say!  This infusion has taken away a lot of my fatigue and all of my brain fog!  I have high hopes!  Day 2 post IgG infusion is great!  I woke with very little (normal?) aches and pains, more energy than I have had in ages, zero brain fog and only a few itchies!  LOVIN' it!  Every time I stand, I have to pause - it is like I have a new body!  They may be on to something!  WHOOT!!

Yesterday, I felt so good I went to an OHCE (Oklahoma Health and Community Education) event where we took old t-shirts and made book bags!  Oh the fun we had!  Take a look at the pictures:

We had sooo much fun!!  

Here is a linky to go by - if you want to make t-shirt book bags:

T-Shirt Book Bags

The only thing we did different was to do everything with the right side out so that the fringe was showing.  LOVE these book bags - we are going to give them away at our county fair - with books of course!

I might be BACK!!  I am beginning to feel normal!  Scary, huh?  


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