Thursday, August 10, 2017

1st Ever IgG Infusion for Me... Day 1 Post Infusion

I woke yesterday at 5:30 am, showered, ate and hydrated.  111.5 oz fluids yesterday and I had 41.5 oz before I got to the infusion clinic.  Steve went with me because we had no idea what to expect.... I love that man!  

I came face to face with this:

They started the IV fine, but about 2 hours into it, I got a major headache.  My infusion nurse, Angie, came in and lowed from 50 to 45.  This helped.  About an hour later, my IV blew.  Back to the picture above... trying to find a vein... and with a lot of difficulty (4 more tries), they finally got another one started, but it looks like I will be getting a port in my near future. 

The vein they found was in my thumb!  I couldn't crochet or do anything fun.  See my infusion afghan?  My awesome daughter-in-law, Cheyenne, made it for me!  

I finished the infusions just fine with no other ill side effects. Last night, however, I developed a few small hives on my legs, and still have them today - but that is it!

As I was leaving, they re-explained side effects to me and said that I could experience some of them any time during the next 3-5 days and to call immediately - day or night if I did... 1) They need to oversee the side effects and 2) The side effects have to reported to the FDA right away.  *gasp*

Today I feel great!  I don't have the doggone severe fatigue that I normally do, my brainfog is gone, I can think clearly and though I still have hives (not many) I am otherwise physically much better than I have been.  Holding my breath this is exactly what I needed!

And finally, I came home to the most beautiful plants!  See the zebra bow??  YAY!!  I love the ivy - it has been years since I had one!  The gifts made my day!  💕

Tomorrow - on to other things.  Again, ICL is my life, so I have to blog about my life... and to share with others who may being going through the same things... I hope to find at least one other person that has Idiopathic CD+ Lymphocytopenia.  That would be amazing.     

The nurse just called - I will be getting a permanent port inserted in my chest within the next 2 weeks.  :-(
*reality strikes again* 

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