Thursday, May 4, 2017

Just a Few Thoughts for Today

Here is a laugh... I was going through my 'drafts' and this one was there.  Apparently I never posted it while living in Singapore... 

Living here I have noticed a few things, and there are other things I am getting used to:

Fahrenheit vs Centigrade. Yikes. I have a long ways to go there. Steve says multiply by: and I hear blanglkgniohgiohyaghagt. He is incredible! He made me a chart so I know where to set our air conditioners.

My taxi driver was going 120! What is THAT in MPH?

Cenitmeters vs inches - yay for my tape measure :-)

The people in Singapore are so very friendly here. I have yet to find a rude person - well, the other taxi drivers that run us off the road might be considered - but we are safely in the other taxi...

Our bed. We have a fitted sheet, but there is no flat sheet on the island to be sold. So here is the Singapore alternative: Make a comforter and make them all white. Make slipcovers for them to match the bottom fitted sheet. Make it snap at the bottom, Slip the sheet slipcover over the comforter and toss it on the bed. Flat sheet and comforter - that is our bedding. I just take the slipcover off and wash it. Now I don't think this is a half bad idea, if I want a beachy room today I can have beachy. If I want an asian room, I can have asian - just by changing my bedding.

My printer paper is size A4 Steve says. I know it is longer and narrower than the paper in the US.

There are no greeting cards to be found. Happy Birthday everyone - if you want me to send you a card, pick it out and mail it to me ;-) I promise to send it back with a Sing postmark and my autograph - complete with a friendly note from me.

Stationary? Yeah, consider that a no go as well - cannot find anything but computer paper here - darn, if I just had some stamps and ink...

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