Thursday, May 11, 2017

It Is Official!

Another blast from the past.  This is in my 'drafts' folder and I am going to share it because it has some great memories.  Throw back Thursdays...  The date is 10/12/2010

It is with bittersweet feelings that I can now announce that Steve and I will be moving back to the states permanently by the beginning of November.  We are both excited and sad - understandable since we love this little country and have met so many people we love even more.  We have had a great, humbling experience here - one that has changed our lives forever and that we are forever grateful for.

So in answer to some of your questions, yes I have been collecting treasures so we can take them home with us.  It has been a rather amusing experience - apparently all expats know when you are frantically shopping it means you 'have received the notice"!  I am sorry I could not directly say it was true, but you knew, didn't  you?  Lol... indeed we had an idea it was coming, but we had no idea it would be that quick.  

As of yet, we have no idea where we are going in the good ol' US of A, but we know we are going back to the states.  There are several possibilities right now, but no definites.  We do know we are leaving for sure by the first week in November and possibly sooner.  So if you see a whirlwind of activity around you in all the common shopping areas, you will know to look for us!  We will also be hitting the "Must Sees" that we have missed - can you believe we have missed some?  We need to see the sky park at Marina Bay Sands, the Equinox (Kim's suggestion), the gothic batman building (Parkview Square), try to see the wine fairy and a couple of minor things...

I will blog more later.  I am trying to sew today, do my laundry, ironing, sorting and trying to find a place to put our treasures so the packing company can come and collect our loot to move to the states.  I hope you are not disappointed; I will keep up with this through our future travels and adventures.  As I get through my pictures, I will post more about Singapore as well - I still have tons I have not had time to post about.  It has been such a great adventure!  I will always blog about what is going on in my life and where we go.  Life is good no matter where God puts us.

Here are a few of my favorite things I was looking at yesterday...

I love these guys  :-)  Sure gonna miss them, but I will be ok - I have pictures and the pictures will last forever.

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