Thursday, July 14, 2016


So many thoughts... so many memories...

Edith, Paul and Bertha

Paul and Bertha have both passed away now.  
We were so lucky to have such lovely people be a part of our lives.

Yesterday, we sat through a very Catholic funeral; three hours of listening to priests, watching little Paul struggle between crying and embracing his mom, watching Karen sob and wander between all her siblings, looking at the beautiful church... We saw 'sister' trying to console her younger siblings, her mom, Paul hugging his mom and gently pulling the quilt up to her neck, comfort her - and we looked solemnly at the casket that held the body of a very dear man.

In 1977, Steve and I made the trek down to southern Louisiana for Steve to be interviewed by Paul and his boss Tiny.  Steve was hired and Paul became his first of many supervisors over the next 37 years, but Paul was his boss for a very long time in the beginning.  He was patient, kind and took Steve in like a father.  He guided him, taught him impeccable work ethics, helped grow his knowledge of mechanics and truck driving and how to be strong in the field.

Paul and his wife, Bertha, invited us to their holiday meals; heck, our family was over 750 miles away and we knew no one in our new land.  They pulled us into the family unit like we were part of their own.  We went to weddings, celebrations and they became very dear friends; friends that helped us through rough spells by guiding us and friends who celebrated our milestones.

Yesterday, we buried Paul.  Oh my goodness, it was a solemn day.

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