Thursday, August 7, 2014

Good Morning!

It is a RACE day - got sooo much to do and so little energy/time to do it!

But yesterday was AWESOME!  Raelee and I are working on fair projects.  This is what she got done yesterday:

What are the quilt blocks going to be you say?  Just you wait and see - it is worth the wait though!  

She should be done early next week - only 'cause granny is lolly gagging.  She is doing a wonderful job on all her projects though!

Did I say we had a new cat to match our not-so-old dog?

Steve said he does NOT want a cat... yeah, right.  Look who has the cat on his lap!  Lol...

Her name is Cuddles.  Raelee named her.  Cuddles is just happy to have a place called home.  She likes not dodging cars and getting tossed out of the town library!  We do love her already.  She entertains us.  Princess Cost a Lot (our old cat) is not amused though.  

Not.  At.  All.  

Silly cats.

Say some prayers for my aunt and uncle in Hawaii - and all the people on the islands.  They are going to be hit by 2 hurricanes.  Ugh.  I will be saying lots of prayers for them.  Hawaii is a wonderful place to visit - but how to you evacuate when hurricanes come in?  Exactly.  You don't.  Hang on and hang in there Aunt Jacque and Uncle Van!  Sending more prayers your way.

Off to run my errands!  Have a terrific day.  :-)  

And pray, please?

Monday, August 4, 2014

Our New Kitty (Maybe)

Our new kitty may be out numbered... just sayin'...

And we are not yet sure if she is our new kitty.  Someone is trying to claim her but they have stood me up.  Ask how long I am going to play this game...

We shall see.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Hello Sunshine! Step Brazillion - But Almost There!

Hello Sunshine! is back from the quilter... Now to bind it.

Isn't it beautiful??

Off to work on our Quilts of Valor today.  Will be there all day working with other girls on our quilts.

While getting ready for Quilts of Valor I saw another project in the works... 

But you are forbidden to look at the projects in the storage tubs in the background.  QUICK!  Close your eyes!

You didn't, did you?

Singapore Memory Project