Monday, April 8, 2013

How to Build a Chicken Coop

1.  Have a dream of the perfect chicken coop:

2.  Have a husband draw it up on Autocad.

3.  Buy the wood and trimmings (aka spend $1,300+) and start building the foundation in the shop:

4.  Use all the muscle you can find and move it out to the perfect spot:

5.  Cut out, build and paint the walls:

I have such a smart husband!  Who 'woulda thunk' to hang the walls to paint?

6.  Let them dry:

7.  Grab your tractor on the windiest day of the year and tell your wife "We can do this... don't worry!"  

I worried.                   

8.  Start placing walls on the coop one at a time... and lift them up...

9.  "SEE? I told you we could do this!"  Never mind I had not one iota of control over that wall - if it would have fallen on him, I would have been no help.  *sigh*

10.  Keep adding walls.. 

11.  And adding walls... if you could only see how hard the wind was blowing! It was gusting at 40-50 mph!

12.  Finally - add the last of those 4 walls... 

13.  Add the side walls and beams on the roof...

14.  And the plywood for the roof...

OF COURSE he is using his safety gear... ha!

And finally we rest... he had to go to work today... good thing - we both needed a break. 

Yes, we still have more to do, but at least we are now on the downhill side of it.

What an enormous job this has been!

I hope those 18 hens lay golden eggs..

Better yet, I hope they are all hens!

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