Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Projects Ahead

As I said yesterday, we went to the Christmas lighting ceremonies in a nearby city to enjoy the festivities.  One of the girls loves entertaining papa, and she had  no problem going right back to doing so.  She was trying to hide from him here... somehow I think he knew where she was  ;-)

The girls got gift bags:

They drank cold chocolate milk, because that is what you do when it is hot outside:

No way should this be possible at the Christmas lighting ceremonies anywhere but in Singapore:

But in south Louisiana, it is often the case as well:

This was pR's face when she saw Santa coming!

I love this picture, even though the quality isn't great:

As most of you know, I celebrated my birthday yesterday!  I got ooodles of cards:

I got my traditional Hallmark Snowman from Steph and pR (which I LOVE):

And a quilt cutting guide and quilt rotary cutter  :-)

Some very special ladies gave me a gift card through my daughter - it will buy LOTS of quilting supplies:

What in the world did I do to deserve this?  You are are amazing!  Now how can I return the thoughts?!  Thank you soooo much!

And Sue?  Are you listenin'?  My hubby ordered me the Canon PowerShot S95!!!  Whoot!  That is my gift from him!  I can't wait to try it out!  Thank you, dear - and thank you Sue for trying it out and loving it!  :-)

pR and I have been very busy.  We have done a lot of projects, trying to make up for lost time I think.  She is so fun to do things with.  I wish we were closer to the boys so we could do projects with them... it is so difficult these days when kids/grand kids/grand parents are scattered all over the world.  Sometimes I wish we could go back a few years where family felt the needs to live near each other - I would have loved living in that era.

Anyway, our projects?  pR's grandma sent this project for her to do - we had fun doing it together!

And I had bought these while we were out a few days ago:

And we put together a little foam gingerbread house:

Punkin' was proud of herself:

And finally the answer to the question you have been waiting for... what did I buy at the Black Friday sale in the middle of the night?

Are you ready for this??

Hold your breath!

Here it is:

One container of gum.  Yup, you heard that right!  I just got gum!  I have people that can vouch for me... lol... Told you I was not a shopper!  I was a basket guard-er!  Lol... But yes, I was out on the dreaded black Friday in the wee hours of the morning.

So now you know about all of our projects - and we have MORE planned!  I am going to help Steph finish some gifts... Lovin' that girl time. 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Holidays

What did we do for Thanksgiving?  We missed Todd of course  :-(  We were all kinda bummed that he wasn't there with us.  What is a holiday with family members missing?

But we were brave and we made the best of it.  We smoked turkey in our very own smoker, not on the grill:

The dogs monitored it closely:

Despite their interest, they didn't manage to get it.  We were lucky enough to have smoked turkey; moist, tender and delicious - just like Steve's always is.  He is an awesome grill man!

Steph made home-made rolls just like the old school ones.  They were just as delicious as they were beautiful:

Punkin' and granny chopped veggies:

She helped a lot and was very careful with the knife:

When she was finished, she had all ten fingers left and not one scratch!  And who thinks a 7 year old cannot help?  Not granny!

She even set the Thanksgiving table, complete with a pocket for the silverware:

We had decorated the Christmas tree - there is a story to why we did it so early.  Steve's mom has asked us all to come to her place in western Oklahoma for Christmas.  Of course, punkin' wanted to be at home for the holiday, but she was really sad she was going to miss the Christmas decorations and not get to see them but a short time.  Granny talked with her and we agreed we would put up the decorations one month ahead of time so she gets one full month of her own house fully decorated.  So we did it and lit them 'officially' on Thanksgiving.  So here is a tiny taste of her tree:

Decorating the tree is always such a special time for Steve and I.  We reminisce about the special ornaments and this year was no exception.  We love seeing the new ornaments, the old ones and the really old ones, and we chat about where they came from: 

This one is from Todd's mom from when he was young.  I wonder who pR looks like?

Such fun to see his old ornaments - from when he was in school!   We have every ornament hung; his, Steph's, punkin's and the tractor ornaments are even on the tractor tree.  Talk about making for a LOT of ornaments!

We even took time to decorate the outside of punkin's house.  She was super excited and is officially in charge of turning the lights on - a job she takes quite seriously:

I even got a cool picture - check out the bokah on this one!

Finally, we took the girls to the lighting ceremonies of one of the nearby cities:


Then we all ganged up on Papa to play UNO!

I am honestly not even sure who won.  We had a great time though.  Love the new 'rules' incorporated in the game this time!  Talk about making everything fun - we were all laughing and we had NO idea who was going to win!

Finally, punkin' went home with papa so she could sleep on the sofa sleeper in the camper.  She was super tired, and the big girls were headed out to shop.  Yes, we shopped at midnight on Black Friday!

What did I buy?  I will tell you that tomorrow!  Lol...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

"Number 4"

So Where Did I Put the Turkey??

Here ya go:

Under the ice in the sink of course!  Nuff said.

Do you see the black kitty?  It was the only pet I have had in years, his name is Tickles - it tickles me to even have him for a pet.  pR made it for me and sent it all the way to Singapore - she has been sitting around my house for several years now.  She keeps me company.

Do you see the duck?  Meet 'Number 4'.  He has a pitiful history; poor thing was on the road out behind a truck stop.  I passed him 5 times; he was playing upside down in a water puddle the first time, the second and third time, he was right side up staring at me, the fourth time he was smooshed, the fifth time he was upside down again.  The sixth time, I was riding with my hubby and he was once again staring at me; and this time my heart would not let me pass him up.  My hubby was driving merrily along and I yelled, "STOP!"


Then he asked what was wrong.  I looked at him (how could I explain this?) and jumped out of the truck - out in the middle of nowhere, I was just out of the (not Barbie sized diesel) truck and ran to the side of his tire - very near the truck.  I think he knew then that I had lost it - finally finished losing my mind; he claims I never had much of one to lose anyway.  I was so close to the truck that he could not see what I was doing.  I pick up this poor pitiful duck and carry him back to the truck, hop in and say, "go!".  

He shakes his head, mercifully doesn't say a word, and we finish our trip.  When we get home, I bring the little squished ducky in and make him a nice sink of hot sudsy water, toss him in and let him play for a bit and then I wash him.  He was full of... ummm... dirt... yep, that's it.  Once I got him clean, I rinsed the heck out of him; and it was then I looked at his bottom.  It says number "4" - and that is all - just a number "4".  So his name is "Number 4" and he sits by Tickles now; by the sink, you know, so when I was dishes (come to think of it, in my Barbie sink) he can hop in and take a swim.  He is a happy guy now.  And I didn't lose my mind thankyouverymuch - it is still intact and my hubby can rest easy now.  I love critters and he (the duck - not hubby) is no exception.

pR got to meet him yesterday - her and Number 4 even colored together.  It was pretty obvious who was picking out the colors; since Number 4 only has wings, he was chosing her colors and she was doing the coloring.  They had a nice time chatting, coloring and being friends.  I think Number 4 is here to stay.  He knows a good thing when he sees it.

He has his very own Barbie pond in the Barbie sink, on the Barbie counter, by the Barbie stove near the Barbie fridge in our Barbie camper.

Steve made it home and now I am a happy camper.  Off to enjoy Thanksgiving now.  Love you all!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Who Am I Kidding?!

I have to make a Thanksgiving meal.  As I said yesterday (or the day before), there are logistics to figure out, so I have been trying to work through those logistics.  I am very good at getting things done ahead of time during the holiday meals in a relaxed manner - I do have a lot to do on Thanksgiving day, but for the most part, I cut up fruits and veggies ahead of time, make the cranberry salad and get the dressing close to ready.  We have always had two refrigerators too; one for the food and one for the drinks.  Of course, when we are making holiday meals the food fridge overflows and I have to use the drink fridge for the overflow...

So you already know I am staying in a camper.  Our daughter has a nice fridge at her place, but I can't stay over there all the time chopping and cutting.  So I took some stuff to her place and brought some home.  The sweet tators came with me - I needed to peel, chop them, then steam them and get ready for the brown sugar glaze I use.  I peeled, chopped and steamed them.  Then I set them aside to cool.  I had also brought the turkey back with me so Steve can prep it to go on the SMOKER!  A REAL smoker - not a BBQ grill.  I tossed the turkey into the sink to prep.  As I am mulling over where to put it while I am washing dishes, I realize will also have to find a place to put the sweet tators for a few minutes as well.  It is at this precise moment that I realize...

Are you ready for this?

I realize that I have a huge... errr, ok, very small... problem staring me in the face.


I don't even have room for a tub of butter - what the heck will I do with a turkey and the sweet potatoes??

And to cook stuffing and sweet tators at the same time?  Are you kidding?

Do you see how small that is?  LOOK at the salt and pepper shakers - does that tell you?  A cup of hot chocolate would overload my oven!

So I have been teasing our friends in Singapore about the Barbie ovens, Barbie refrigerators... but did I ever laugh when I realized I was in the same boat!  Lol... don't even get me started on Barbie washer and driers...  I have to go to a laundromat!

So you all can laugh at me - or better yet laugh WITH me!  I was rolling laughing out loud at myself for teasing you.  It serves me right.  I love your Barbie toys; and I love my Barbie camper  :-)  Give me a break ok?  I got it - just a little late and a dollar short.

So did I make your day?  Nope, not yet?  This will make your day:

Isn't he pitiful??  Check out the bare feet in the background.  It is the dead of winter and see how it is in south Louisiana?!  Green grass and bare feet.  Send snow!

If that picture didn't make you laugh - this one is sure to:

The things you do for your kid  :-)  

Have a happy Thanksgiving!  

And I hope every one gets (at least) a Ken sized oven to bake in.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Still Here... Still Ok :-)

I am fine folks.  I get down and hate it.  I have suffered from depression as long as I can remember.  This is something I have dealt with over and over.  When something major changes in my life, I go through periods of deep depression, but I work my way through it.  Sometimes I just have to throw a 'temper tantrum' and yesterday was that day.  Between the depression and the side hurting (we are still working on that) I get bummed.  Yesterday was that day.  Today is a new one and I am over it once again.

What did I do yesterday?  We decorated pR's house for Christmas!  We had a great time - but more on that tomorrow when I actually have my camera and pictures with me. I left it over there at her place... lol...

Today is going to be a random day.  Are you getting sick of those?

I went for a walk early one morning a few days ago and thought I would share some... odd... pictures I took.  Yep, leave it to me to take odd... lol..

Take a look at these and see if you can guess what they are:

 This is taken on my car - just dew drops on the car.

Here they are in a different light - loved the starbursts on here.  Click on the picture and look how many I got:

 A seed sitting in the dew on the car:

Funny a car would interest me that much, isn't it?

While I was walking in the campground, I found this paw print:

I am not a pro, but I think it might have been a deer print - any confirmations or denials out there?  I must see the creature - do I creep out in the night to find the source of the print?

I keep trying to stay out of the ominous hole of depression - and I am doing ok.  I went to visit a friend in nearby who is more like a sister to me.  We are often separated for months on end, but every time we get back together, we pick up right where we left off.  Saturday, I went to her place and we just visited.  It was such a nice break.  She has critters, and we all know I love critters.  

 Here is one of her critters:

No, he was not taking a chunk out of her fist even though it looks like it, he was playing with her.  Thankfully he doesn't bite hard - just nibbles... lol...  Dee, I have to say, I loved seeing 'ma's' outline in the picture behind him - she is still looking out for you isn't she?  Lol...

He is very loving - just take a look:

He wasn't sure what to think about my camera though...

Dee and I visited for hours - here she is in her critter pile:

We had a great day - now her house in inundated with a dozen kids for the holiday week.  I bet she is having a great time.  Look at the pictures when you need a break girl - it should relax you again.  Thanks for the visit and relaxation.  I had a great time.

Still trying to figure out the logistics of Thanksgiving.  We are in a small camper with a smaller fridge.  Steph is willing for us to have it at her place, but we smoke a turkey which means we get up all night to take care of it.  She wouldn't think *that* was too cool, no would she?  Of course you have prep to do on food and I need space - her place... (?)   She is not into having company for hours on end... lol...but I know she will tolerate me in return for the Thanksgiving feast.  I need to shop, she has the fridge, but does she have the room?  Guess we need to get together for the details, right?

Speaking of details, I need my dear hubby home to help work out the details - and there are plenty.  Can someone please nudge the shipyard to MOVE the unit so we can get on with our lives?  We have details to figure out and I need him HOME to do that. 

Off today with another friend who won't let me take her picture  :-(  We will have a great time though - shopping in a nearby city.  Fun stuffs and sure to ward off the depression. 

Then I go see this gal:

By the way, I am pretty darned proud of the fact her mommy sewed her skirt, her shirt and her jacket.  She is doing a great job outfitting our little munchkin!  Too bad I cannot take any credit for teaching her... lol... 

I heard from someone I met when I was in Korea a few minutes ago... she said the problems/feelings and frustrations that I am feeling right now are very common with an expat moving home. It was nice hearing from her again - I had tried to reconnect on her blog several times, but she had not posted in a while.  I found out she is home and having adjustment troubles of her own.  We will get through it - but it is a very.  odd.  feeling.  being.  home.  

Same but very different, ya know?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Am Trying Very Hard...

Not to be depressed.

Not to annoy people with my boredom.

Not to bombard people with my presence.
Not to spend all the money we are trying to save because I am bored.

I am trying really hard not to be depressed.

But I am.  

Holidays are coming. 

I am home.
Should be thrilled.

But depression is surrounding me.

Gotta smile.  

Gonna smile.

Darkness is surrounding me...

Slowly smothering me.

I won't let it.

I hate depression.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

It is That Time Again!

 Satsuma time!

Steph asked me if I wanted to go pick satsumas with them yesterday; of course I said yes.  We went out to the orchard where there were trees loaded with satsumas!

Lots of yummy ripe ones ready to eat

And eat they did!

Between eating satsumas, they loaded buckets and buckets to take home for later:

Made sure they were all perfect:

They picked big ones and little ones, smooth ones and bumpy ones:

And they ate satsumas:

And ate more satsumas:

The girls had a lot of fun and worked together:

To bring in the fruit:

Each little one brought in a large overloaded bucket of satsumas to be weighed and charged.  This bucket was $10.00 - USD of course!

And they were happy; tummies full, and more coming home to keep them full for days to come.

It made me miss the satsuma tree a very dear friend gave to me when we bought our last house... we had to leave it behind, but I loved it.  Here is a picture of our satsuma tree:

Every single year, it loaded down with hundreds of satsumas.  It is an amazing little tree and brought us all much happiness.  pR and I spent hours and hours sitting on the patio swing eating *very* fresh satsumas; Lady shared them, Skippy shared them and punkin and I shared them.  They were delicious!   

Ahhh, the warm fuzzy memories   :-)

Singapore Memory Project