Saturday, October 30, 2010

We're Gonna Miss Ya!

Today is our last day in Singapore; the last day to go to Marina Bay Sands and all the places we have wanted to go to.  Today is our last day to breathe the smells, see the country, enjoy the sights and hear the sayings... We are looking forward to our move, but we are also going to miss so much about Singapore.  So many memories...

We are going to miss:

Our favorite McDonald's person:

The Singapore architecture:

The food:

Our view:

My Bahasa Indonesia instructors and classes:

The food... errrr... signs:

Our orchids:

Our favorite store owners at the HDB:

Their super fresh produce:

The neighboring HDB flats where we shop and eat:

The random wedding photography:

My Wednesday (I wish) car:

The smells:

The flowers:

 Riding on the MRT:

Our favorite places to eat:

My SSA friends:

So many faces:


The church and its people:

Random outings:

Seeing into the future (this is today's Halloween Google page) - if you are in the states, you cannot see it, but I can!

My quilting group:

And Steve will miss his friends:

Even though most of them make much more than he does:

And he can only dream of being in the same boat... ummm... car:

So cheers folks:

 Thanks for the wonderful memories.  We love ya!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just Some More Ramblings...

It is no wonder that I cannot think clearly right now with so much going on.  I have decided today is a rambling day...

Steve got his foo dogs last weekend.  They are huge!  60 lbs each.  Ok, so not so huge, but very nice size for sitting outside our door.  I was beginning to think we would have to use the 4" high ones we have had since we moved here!  I hope they make the trip,  he has looked so hard for them.  I think he might have given up on grabbing the Foo Dogs and Takashamaya - they wouldn't fit in his little SUV.  

Oh, and Debbie, we didn't have to buy them from the raving lunatic that chased us all around China Town either.  I still shake my head in disbelief at that one... 

This is how you cut those very, very hot peppers for your restaurant:

I am gonna miss this:

Always wondered how they hung the flowers.  That Brahma bull is being awfully nice:

My friend Debbi has bought a few of these.  I love seeing them hang, but I cannot figure out what to use them for.  Does anyone have suggestions?   Do I really need one?

Didn't know if we wanted to shop here or not... 

Hop scotch Asian style:

These guys are having a bad day:

Don't know which I like better; the yacht or the buildings:

Cute...  See the bat in the window?

These are just cool to look at:

Wouldn't care much about climbing them.  They look as twisted as I feel.. lol... Don't say it Danny!

Awwww... how sweet!  Look very closely now...

Guess I will get ready - I am off to the blue china place today.  Gonna see if I can find anything to stuff in a suitcase.  Don't worry Steve, Sue is the one going - I am just tagging along.  I promise to be nice.

Almost forgot to tell you!  We are getting closer to having a place to go - he has options now!  Has been offered a couple of things, but waiting to see about a couple more... looking up though!  I played it safe, I went and had name cards printed yesterday.  My address?  Justa Campin' Somewhere in the USA!! 

Toodly doo!  Gotta get my camera ready.  You never know... 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chijmes Daytime Views

2 days ago, I promised day pictures of Chijmes on yesterday's blog.  I had no idea yesterday was going to be so crazy, so you get them today. You have to know why it is a 'must see' in Singapore!

So here goes:

By now, you probably have a really good idea of why we like to go eat at Chijmes for an evening out.  It is nice, quiet, romantic and beautiful.  If you haven't been, I'd like to know why not?!  You are really missing the boat if you have missed this.  Go!  Take someone - you will make their day.  Go ahead!  Whatcha waiting for?

Speaking of days, my day started out pretty crummy.  I shipped some of Steve's stuff that did not need to be shipped - in fact he needs it now.  How could I not notice??  ugh.  Obviously, I cannot get it back, nor can I rebuy it here.  I have no idea why I didn't notice what it was - I saw it on the edge of the counter, assumed it was supposed to be shipped and I shipped it.  Never mind his medicine was in it...  how did I not notice that?!  I am on his **it list and he left upset.  Rightly so, but it still makes me sick inside.  He never leaves angry with me.  I think we are both just overwhelmed with the leaving part and the not knowing part ahead.  

I love you Steve.  I am sorry.

Off to Bible Study - another last.  Gonna miss it. 

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