Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Offerings

Everywhere we looked or walked in Bali, there were offerings set out or being set out. Most were in front of stores, homes or towering over the streets. Look back at all the pictures I have posted previously, and those I am posting below, to find the different types of offerings built for the gods.

The offerings were from very simple to very elaborate. Most were made of cane, straw, or bamboo and had other trinkets sewn in or placed in the tray. It was very interesting to see the dedication the Balinese have in their faith.


Tomorrow I will start posting the fun and beautiful parts of Bali. My philosophy is to work through the difficult parts first and then it can only get better. Believe me when I say Bali has great parts; there were many.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bali - More Truths

A lot of these pictures were taken taken through our car window as we were flying down the road; therefore they are blurry, but you get the idea.

Some pictures need no explanation :-(

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stanley Flat Takes a Break

I have been exhausted since I came back from Indonesia. What a trip! My mind is just reeling from all that I saw. I hope you are keeping up with Aunt eb's posts - I saw it all. I finally had to quit taking pictures - I was getting a sunburn from the flash!

I bet you are too little to remember how good Uncle S's grilled yummy's are - well, they are yummy indeed :-) He invited the guys over this weekend and we grilled steaks for them. He had to keep me safe by the grill, but I sure loved watching the Singapore sunset :-)

Here is the S$2000.00 pan Aunt eb just got. She bought lots of groceries and got it for FREE!! She had to spend S$ 30 for every stamp she got and this was FREE for 65 stamps. Let's see if you can figure out how much it really cost her... Singapore dollars first, then US dollars... let me know your answer!

This is Davey (from Scotland) and Soup (from Cameroon, Africa) who we grilled steaks for. The guys come over every few weekends to eat. They always bring Aunt eb stamps that they collect from the store. I think it is because they like Aunt eb to cook for them - and the more pans she has, the more she can cook, right?

Oh, well, we are going shopping on Arab Street. I think I need to get ready.

Love you and miss you,
Stanley Flat

Bali Compounds

This whole blogging thing is taking every effort I have right now. I am having trouble getting blogger to load pictures (I can only do two at a time - we all know how photo heavy I get) and once I get them loaded it takes forever to get it to post. I have no idea why it is giving me grief the way it is, but that being coupled with me still not being 100% and the bouts of depression (probably from still not being well), I am about to toss in the towel. Maybe I will get it figured out - I have no doubt if I was thinking clearly and feeling well it would happen. Tomorrow. Right? lol...

Most people in Bali live with several (up to 4) generations of their family in compounds behind large fences. Each of the compounds is unique to the family and its elaboracy (is that even a word?) depends on the family's fortune or lack there of. Most of the ones we saw were inside very old antique brick fences so we could not see them. Our driver took us to the family compound of someone he knew. It was very interesting to go behind the gate of what we had only seen the exterior of while we were in Bali. We had no idea what was behind the fences until our guide took us into one.

Most of the living areas are open air. This is where the families all rest during the day - mats out on the platform so the breeze gently flows over them while they catnap. Steve and our guide were (not so) patiently waiting while I took pictures here:

This is the kitchen area, complete with a view :-)

The dining area is a place to stop and eat. The Balinese do not all sit and eat at once, they do it individually as they get hungry. It is not a big affair like it can be in the states.

The children all have their entertainment area - complete with tv, and view, of course. In view of the family that is ;-)

This is where the entertainment is; the musical instruments here to serenade the family. The elders (grandparents?) bed is in this same building... I guess the musical instruments are the entertainment here.

How would you like to climb in THIS bed? Oh, and imagine the privacy you would have:

Steve and I got to learn how to play the instruments. Steve caught on quite quickly:

Me, not so much... lol...

I thought this one was funny - the kids room. It can hold as many kids as live in the compound - and it is closed in. Ahhh, now I am beginning to understand.

Steve and the guide discussing the forms of entertainment the children can enjoy:

The storage area for the compound:

With beautiful ancient pieces of furniture:

There were many alters here to serve different gods:

And ways of praying were explained to us using different plants as offerings:

The guide telling us what this alter was for - it was to serve the trinity

There were many different alters:

Even large ones:

But sometimes you are forbidden to go to some of the alters, even in this day and time:

Daily there are offerings put out for all the gods; to bring health, good luck, prosperity... whatever the alter or offering is for. It was amazing to see them surrounding you - even outside the gates:

The stonework is elaborate, ancient and beautiful:

Once outside the compound we came to another building where the crafters were all huddled around carving.

Beautiful pieces of art to be sold to the highest barterer - or better yet, a contract for many sales.

Can it get any better than these?

We are the proud owners of this piece of art carved by one man :-) One solid chunk of wood carved into this amazing scene:

The talent and patience it takes to make one of these is... well... wow. Looking at it says it all.

As I said, what a great opportunity this trip was for us to see how others in the world live.

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