Sunday, November 30, 2008

Check Out My Weight Loss :-)

I had a request for 'before' and 'after' - so here ya go :-) I am still working toward my goal, but I think I am making headway - don't cha think?
Just looking at myself in these photos sure makes me wish I had done this years ago, but I can't look back now, I can only look ahead.

If I can do it any one can. I made a promise when my hubby quit smoking 3-4 packs a day, then I could certainly get healthy too by loosing weight. Together we can live a longer, healthier life and have tons of fun - and we are well on the way.

Full steam ahead!

Water Falls

I think Steph finally figured out the whole camera issue - I was using filters, but didn't know the filters were my problem - hence my tremendous amount of frustration. Gosh, now that she told me to remove them, I am doing pretty darned good!

Yesterday we tried go to the botanical gardens - we were only a few steps in when I started taking pics. However, before we got too involved, I called it a day. It was so hot and humid (we were right next to the rain forest section) I told Steve I just could not handle the heat. After the heat exhaustion from 2 weeks ago and what all transpired after it, I was not going to risk my trip home to the US. We turned on our heels and left - but not before I got a couple of shots of these waterfalls. I know - not perfect, but cool. I am encouraged! I may not be hopeless after all!

Check out the different shutter speeds!

Yes I am a wimp. Can you believe *I* wimped out? We came home, played side by side on the computers, caught up on life, news and had a generally relaxing day.
I think Steve saved about 10,000 pics of Harley's on his computer - and at least half had girls holding them down. It is amazing those bikes are not heavy enough to sit on their own, but I guess an extra 90 lbs helps out a lot!

We will go back to the botanical gardens - maybe when it is cooler. Ha! Ok, so maybe a little less humid? It is 'winter' folks, all the rain makes steam. I get enough of that in the states. It also helps make rain forests; rain forests have no breeze.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


This is one of my favorite places to shop in China Town; don't peek or you can tell why. There is a story to these pictures that I want to share with you.

In the first picture, it appears the mommy is helping customers and the girls are playing:

What is actually happening is the mom is helping customers and at the same time she is telling the girls what they need to do to restock. The girls are ready to run get what mom tells them she needs out. The older girl takes shirts out of packaging and starts hanging them - and they younger one runs around the corner to her big sister for help:

She needs her sissy to fix the pricing gun.

Isn't it amazing? In the states our children would be running around - playing - just as it seemed they were in the first photo. These girls are always helping their mom, just as hundreds of other children are helping out their elders. They are responsible for very important jobs and both are very capable girls. The little tyke went about her business pricing the goods, occasionally asking questions as to the price, the older one hanging shirts and helping mom sell goods. The mom could depend on the girls when she needed more hands; the girls are quite good sales people as well - who can resist their cute smiles?

We went to another place where the son was selling goods. He was probably about 7. He offered something we were looking at for S $3, we paused and he immediately said we could have a good price of S $1.50. His parents scolded him (in another language) - he had come down too much on the price. He took the reprimand quite cheerfully and corrected himself to S $3.00 again - and humbly apologized.

Most places we shop at here in Singapore, the children are helping the elders. Like their parents, they are always cheerful and happy - and they jump in to their chores as soon as they see help is needed. It is a pleasant change from home; most children always wanting more and complaining when they have to lift a finger to help with chores.

How do they do that here? Responsibility from a very young age and the parents correct with love and patience. The children are very confident and happy. We could learn from them.

I should also say the children frolic and play and do normal kid antics during the down time with lots of giggles and fun. They also get to run and get yummy local goodies to snack on. They are not 'child labor' - just helpful children to their parents. When the business gets busy, they immediately jump in to help out.

The Big 5-0!

Today was my 50th birthday. So how does it feel being 50? Just a day older than yesterday :-) thank goodness! I did get kinda depressed when Celia said I got my AARP card in though. I took a picture of myself today so I can remember what I am supposed to look like when I forget. Thank goodness for tripods and remotes. I sure don't think I should be a half of a century old!

How do I feel about it?

* Where did the time go?
* Is it really true? When my mom was 50, I thought it was OLD! Now I don't think so.

* Honestly, this is a wonderful time in my life. Steve and I have enjoyed getting to know each other again, and have gotten to explore some wonderful places. I am looking forward to continuing to do so.

* I wish I could have been with my family - even if they would have planned a plot.

* I am thankful to have lived 50 years. When I was a teen I never thought I would see 18 - much less 50. I am proud of who I became despite what has happened in my life, the mistakes I have made and look forward to however long I am blessed to continue to enjoy life.
Enough about feelings... Steve gave me an awesome Tokina 11-16mm F2.8 Aspherical Lens for my camera this morning - complete with a UV filter :-) I LOVE it! I was able to take pictures I would have never been able to take with my other lenses. The clarity of the lens is wonderful. I think I am hooked :-)

You will see some distortion, but the huge range of field it makes up for it. This picture shows the distortion in the top part - but look how much you can see - all the way from our guard shack to the city! If I move the lens up, you don't see distortion across the center of the lens. I just took these from our balcony so you can really get a feel on what our area looks like - with a wide angle lense.

There are some things that the distortion is cool on - like temples:

I have no idea what was going on at the temple, but it was a wonderful service. They had dozens of tables set out with the same food on every table. Watching the ritual was very moving. If I am not mistaken, this is a Buddhist Temple. Someone correct me if I am wrong. Do you know what was going on?

I have seen this fence behind the Hindu Temple over and over, but today I noticed what was really on it. Do you see the elephants and peacocks?

I am saddened by all that has taken place in Mumbai India in the last 3 days - some of our guards are from India and we have had a running conversation about the happenings. One assured me I could go to the Taj Mahal now - I said I thought I would just wait. Life is getting more and more terrifying. Today (Black Friday) in the states, two people were killed at a Toys R Us and one at a Wal-Mart. Is it really THAT important to get a gift? No, and certainly not worth taking lives. What a senseless tragedy.

We finished most of our Christmas shopping and ate outdoors at the indoor stadium. Thankfully we had a nice stroll to and from, we needed to walk off some of the yummies we ate. We had a wonderful day. Thank you my dear hubby for my gifts - I am certainly not worth it. You will have to stop more often for me to take pictures - you may be sorry ;-)

I think being 50 is over rated. I don't feel it and I think it is just another number. I am only one day older :-)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Eve at Home...

We live in a small tri-'city' area when we are home in America. Actually 'tri-city area' in itself makes it sound big, but it is more like 3 small fishing towns, or 'villages' for lack of a better word, on the bayous. You will see just how small as I share this blog - it will be painfully obvious how small our area is... lol...

Every Thanksgiving evening, after we have stuffed ourselves to the gill, we load up the vehicles and go to one of the lighting ceremonies in one of the nearby 'cities' - less than 5 miles away. We listen to our favorite local vocalist, Abbie, as she sings Christmas carols - surrounded by town's people and loved ones. I have seen Abbie grow from a very young child to a full grown adult seeking a career in country music. She has an incredible voice. We have been blessed to be able to be a part of her life and to still be able to listen to the voice that brings chills to your entire body. She sounds like an angel singing. I think she might put us on the map someday!

Most of us know each other - looking around, we see the chief of police, the mayor, teachers, all the priests and preachers in the area, and of course friends and family. It is the one time of year we actually all stand in one area and have a 'reunion' of sorts, visiting with those we often only see in passing during the year.

pR gets to play with the wooden elves that someone special painted; he has long since passed, but the children of today still enjoy what he has left behind:

And finally, a familiar Santa arrives, on a familiar fire truck, with a familiar fire fighter driver and his family:

You don't realize how special things are to you until you are away from them. Steph called this morning saying they had just gotten back from the tree lighting ceremony. She said all the familiar people were there and they enjoyed it. I didn't realize I had missed it since we were not doing the 'traditional' Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful day, but now I remember what I could not put my finger on.

We were missing Abbie and the beginning of the 'official' Christmas season.

Happy shopping!

Ever Smoked a Turkey on the Grill?

We smoked one on the grill today! It has been so many years since we had a turkey not smoked we were determined to try. It worked - well, it was not a perfect turkey, not nearly as smoked as we normally get it, but we did get our smoked turkey!

Steve worked the entire day, but Pam came over carrying a yummy pumpkin pie; we sat on the balcony and watched the sunset. I think she enjoyed our view as much as we do. We ate our Thanksgiving turkey and played Uno - while munching on that great pie. It was a nice, relaxed, quiet evening - and so nice to have a friend over to enjoy the holiday with us. I can’t imagine it alone. I cannot believe we did not get a picture of us!
Some scrapper I am :-(

It is odd being in a place that has a never ending summer. Usually when we smoke turkey, we breathe in the smoke with a nice brisk, cool/cold breeze. Here, we have a nice balmy, humid breeze - not quite what we are used to.

While the turkey was smoking, I was afraid someone here in Singapore would call the fire department because of all the smoke coming from our condo balcony. After the discussion with the propane man I wonder if it is even ok to have a bbq pit on the balcony... who knows? We have never been told different and we were the first few people to move in, so we aren't giving it up. Thankfully everything went smoothly, no fire department showed up - and the turkey was not burned or dry. It was not as juicy as it normally is, but it was not bone dry either.

One down side to having a turkey in Singapore - apparently there are no turkeys for several continents away - they are shipped in and they cost an arm and a leg. A 12 lb turkey cost nearly $50! Not wasting a bite here :-)

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you that are just starting your holiday :-) Watch lots of football for us - all we can see here is the news coverage on the terrorists attacks in India. Too close to our 'new' home if you ask me.

Oh! What am I thankful for?

I am thankful for a wonderful hubby
I am thankful he has a job - even if it is halfway around the world
I am thankful for our healthy family
I am thankful to be able to enjoy our grandchildren
I am thankful for friends here in Singapore and at home
I am thankful to be so incredibly blessed with another day

Yes, we have a lot to be thankful for.

Go have fun! Hope to see you soon :-) Christmas is just around the corner now. Better be nice…

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Special Request for Hubby...

No pressure, dear, but this is what I would love our turkey to look like tomorrow. No, it is not burned; it is lovely hickory smoked and very juicy.

I looked and looked for a picture, but our daughter came through with one. I am sure if we cannot make it happen tomorrow, we will make it happen for Christmas.

I think you will have to pay up for what everyone is missing this Thanksgiving...

Jeremy? Is your mouth watering? Steph? Peggy? Ruth?

Christmas is coming soon - I can't wait.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Pam, Steve and I will be thinking about you - and enjoying a yummy Steve turkey.

Now the pressure is ON!

So I Called the Propane Gas Man...

Getting propane for the bbq grill here is easy. You call a phone number and they deliver in under 15 minutes.

Good thing I was dressed, because they were here in under 4 minutes!

Gas men come up and one says, “Attendant down stairs says CANNOT! (take bottle up).”

"I tell attendant - tell owner – I work for owner. Owner called. CAN!”

Attendant (throws hands up and says) “GO!” but he follow to elevator. “CANNOT!”

“CAN! OWNER says CAN!”

“(’gibberish’ and walks off) – "I bring owner propane.”

“Attendant says cannot use… ‘do you have double what is it? TWO A’s! battery?’ (looking at me for answer) so I say to you - you no use here – but I work for you – not for attendant. You do what is in heart. (I hand him double A battery – for what I do not know…)

“Thank for two A battery. I change.”

He pulls knob off starter on grill and changes battery, then says “It no work. You have long start? I don’t care if owner use outside. Harmless! But attendant say CANNOT! You do what your heart. Look! I start, safely. It work good. Outside. Good."

“You buy grill in Singapore?”

“Husband bought grill from someone leaving Singapore.”

“Good grill. What you cook? ahhla, chicken, steak, smoke TURKEY? American holiday? Ohla? Thanksgiving? “

Shakes head in disbelief… “smoke-ah-la TURKEY?!”

Thinks about it, then shakes head and hands me rolled up paper.

"What is this?"

He says “New year start soon. I give you Chinese calendar to start new year. Thank you, I get change.”

He calls for other man, they get change to me and as he leaves, he says; “I work for owner. Use if heart tells you can. CAN use. Safe!”

Looks warily at grill.

“Good Bye. Good morning. Good Day... ... ...Turkey?”

I give him tip.

"ahhh laaa... Thank you!” as he graciously bows head and leaves, arching eyebrow and looking back at grill again.

I am sure they are still trying to figure this out… Lol…

YAY! My pictures are GOOD!

I sent the full size pics to Steph and she says they are perfect! She tweaked them and sent them in to get processed. I am *dancing*! I might actually be getting it!

Today I am getting ready for Thanksgiving. Tomorrow we will figure out how to get the turkey baked/smoked/whatever. We have a tiny oven (we think the turkey fits in it ;-) so we are trying to figure out how to get the wonderful smokey flavor we have come to love. I have no doubt my hubby will figure it out. We are a great team if I do say so myself.

I have chopped the veggies, ground and sugared the cranberries, chopped all the fruit, the stuffing is close to being ready, and tomorrow we finish cooking, visit with friends and pretend we are all home with loved ones in the states. We do have so much to be thankful for - even the 86+ degree weather here.

Missing you at home. You know us, we will make the best of it - but we sure do miss you. We will take pictures - and I am happy to tell you not of our wonderful balcony view either... lol...

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. May God Bless you all.

Photography Help PLEASE?

I KNOW everyone is getting sick of seeing this same scene - but now I am begging for help.

I am shooting with a Nikon D-50 and have yet to figure it out. I know I have a great camera and I am honestly trying. I am reading two books on it right now and things are beginning to come to me. My skills severely lack though. I am more of a show me person. Reading is like reading gibberish to me - I have to read, and reread for it to make sense. I WILL get the reading done, but we will probably be retired by the time to comprehension hits... lol...

I want a pristine picture 'tack sharp' of this that I can blow up to put in a frame. This is our nightly view from our balcony - and I want to remember it forever. This is the best part of our Singapore stay - other than the people of course. I want to take 'home' with me and look at later and say "That was really our view!".

So how do I get a good picture? Can someone tell me where to start?? What settings? I am using a tripod and a remote - but I know my settings are nowhere near right. I know there is no magical setting, but at least a starting point will help.

Anyone? I took these tonight - wouldn’t it be a shame if I didn't get a 'forever' picture?

A Hawaiian Luau

Steve brought home a bunch of pictures from the Hawaiian Luau - and we were in luck! Someone took a picture of us! Yippeee!

Here we are:

You cannot see it, but I had a pink flower in my hair and it was pulled back to one side. The dress is ankle length. Maybe I will have to get another picture later... lol...

So now you see us together :-) A warm thanks to who ever took this picture. I am clueless who did - actually I didn't remember anyone taking this picture, but I am sure glad they did. Whoo hooo!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Flowers in Singapore

I am really not feeling well today, so I decided to share a few flower pictures.

The flowers on the island are beautiful and some very unique. I have been told I don't miss a thing, and I hope that is a true statement. I would hate to miss something wonderful because I was too busy to open my eyes and look at the beauty around me.

I have made new discoveries like the Heliconias:

They grow in forested or dense greenery areas around Singapore and bring deep colors to the forests and parks. Heliconias have a bright color to attract hummingbird and bats for pollination.

Speaking of bats, I found another little guy hanging around a couple of weekends ago:

Yes, I even look up - you would be amazed at what you find hanging around looking down.

Ants. What is it with ants and flowers? I have seen so many flowers covered with ants. You may have noticed one of my pictures above also had ants. This was a stem of what used to be flowers:

Some flowers I have not yet identified, but I have certainly enjoyed them. The one below is very similar to our 'spiderwort' or 'forget me not' in the US. Is this just another color?

Is this a form of Hybiscus?

Of course orchids are plentiful in Singapore. There are orchid farms all over the island that grow them professionally. As I understand, Malaysia has orchid farms as well. There are more colors of orchids here than I have ever seen in my life - even in nursery's back home. Regardless of where they come from, I love them:

Finally, last but certainly not least, I found out the name of the tree that has the gorgeous flowers. This tree is plentiful on the island, but every native I have asked looked at it blankly on my iTouch and said they have never seen it - over a dozen people. I assume it is because the tree from a distance is so homely:

But upon closer examination, you see its true beauty:

And finally - I found the explanation on Civil District Trail #2. I think it was in Esplanade Park. It is a Cannon Ball Tree - appropriately named if I do say so myself.

So in ending, the next time you are out, no matter where you live, take a moment and notice the little things around you. You will be amazed at what you might have missed.

Off to rest up and try to get well.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Taxi's and Rockin' Roller Coaster...

What do taxi's and Rockin' Roller Coaster have in common? Just when you think you have had the worst taxi driver on the island - you find a taxi driver that beats the last one.

Last night, we all decided to go eat out, usually a weekend ritual. We all met at the bottom of the condo and Steve called for a taxi. Most taxi's are Sonata's, but occasionally we get a Mercedes. We don't have a choice; it is the one sent that accepts the bid when you call. Well, last night it was a white Mercedes, and Steve was all (teasing) bragging it was 'only the best' for me. haha. When it arrived, Nachee got in the front seat, Steve, Dallas and I in the back. Mercedes lack room - the Sonatas are wider. We were quite firmly packed in the car. I was in the center of the back seat; Dallas and Steve on either side of me chatting of course, about work.

If you have ever been to Walt Disney World and rode Rockin' Roller Coaster, that is the nearest I can describe our ride in the Mercedes. Once we were all in, the driver slammed on the gas and off we went; weaving in and out of traffic, slamming on his brakes when he got to the car in front of him, drastically stomping the gas once he got around it and blaring the horn if anyone dared get in his way.

At first Steve and Dallas were deep in conversation and oblivious to the ride, but since I had the center seat so I could see it all. I finally just looked to the side, hoping to not see what was going on. Nachee (in the front) had his knees firmly planted in the dash and holding on. He too was terrified of the ride. I finally made a whispering comment to Steve who started paying attention. The two guys in the back had a strong hold of the 'oh, sh*#!' bars to keep from swaying too much from side to side. I was straddling a hump, praying not to end up in someone's lap.

We had decided to go to Dempsey Hill which is a good ride away from us. Dallas finally told the taxi driver we were NOT in that big of a hurry, but the taxi driver pretended to only hear "HURRY" - and the ride got worse. I KNOW he heard the entire statement. If I thought he was a bad taxi driver before, the last part of the ride only confirmed it.

Once we finally got to the top of Dempsey Hill, Dallas told him to "Stop here".

He kept going.

Dallas repeated that "This is a fine place to stop".

He kept going.

Steve raised his voice and quite firmly and angrily said "STOP! RIGHT NOW! STOP HERE! STOP NOW!!"

The *&#! taxi driver finally stopped, we bailed out the doors, someone staying back to pay him. When I got out, I firmly slammed his door - hoping it went right through to the other side of the car. Not only was I glad to be there alive - I was furious!

There was a couple getting ready to hop in the cab and all of us at once said, "No!" The looked to us for an explanation, but they could see it on our faces. Someone said "if you like living, let this guy go." They thanked us and they walked on. Nachee and I could barely talk for 15 minutes. We walked around deciding on a place to eat while calming down. Italian won. When I finally said something after sitting at a table, it was "Rockin' Roller Coaster - we just rode it". Steve assured me he could not have sped up that fast (0-60 in 2.8 seconds), but it was very close.

If you are in Singapore do not ride in Mercede's 878 if you treasure your life. It certainly IS a thrill ride but seriously lacks the adequate safety of roll over bars, enclosed steel frame, grill guards and snug fitting safety straps... rofl...

No more big favors for me honey - I don't need "only the best" - I would rather take a better chance on arriving alive. Thankfully we did - this time. Thanks for the memories ;-) NOT!

I must tell you considering the amount of times we do ride taxi's, that as a rule, the bad rides are few and far between. The taxi rides for the most part are ok - not like we would drive, but ok. There are, of course, exceptions to every rule

I must say, I hope this taxi driver is still trying to open his back door.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hawaiian Luau

Steve and I went to an Hawaiian Luau last night - it was a blast! I was surprised nearly everyone there was dressed accordingly. As usual I went to an area less traveled and watched from afar. I love seeing people mingle. We were not seated away from everyone, just out of the mainstream of the busy area. I think we had a chat with most people there even. Everyone is so friendly in Singapore - we found out more little helpful hints and places to go. Each time we go, we meet new people and broaden our horizon.

It is always a welcome experience when others offer assistance and chat with us about how our adjustments are going. I think most were surprised to find out I was not hanging out in the flat waiting on Steve - and even more surprised when the locals found out we had done some things they have never even done!

We had some kind of crunchy fish as an appetizer (one taste and I was done); it actually looked like crawfish claws, but we just found them in the store - dried anchovies! No wonder I didn't like them :-P

They served traditional Singaporean food with a Hawaiian flair, it was supper yummy. There was even marshmallows to cover with melted chocolate from a fountain - so I know there are marshmallows on the island - just like Sarah said ;-) They had lots of fruit as well - my favorite thing. I was pleasantly surprised by the meal tonight.

Here is Steve dressed in his Luau attire (thanks to Tommy and Sarah). Sorry he was sticking his tongue out at me - I think it had something to do with the flowery shirt I was making him wear. You all know how much he likes those kind of shirts... lol... It did have sexy women on it - you would think that would have made a difference.

We didn't think to get a picture of me. I wish we had - it was certainly memorable experience for me; it was the first time ever my husband has said my dress was beautiful (without being coaxed) and I should have been one up on the contest stand. I was dumbstruck, as well as amazed and flattered. 31 years and it is a first. We have come a long way in 31 years.

Steve has some work to do today, I think I am off to find that turkey and the last few things for the Thanksgiving holiday. I forget we are in Singapore, not the USA where Thanksgiving is strictly an American holiday. Finding the goodies may be a challenge. Wish me luck :-)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Can You Tell Me Where To Find These Things?

In Singapore of course...

*Cover Girl Make-Up?
*Pace Picante - not chunky?
*Turkey -not S$100 Butterball ones?
*Jiffy Corn Bread Mix?
*Crest Toothpaste?

*fresh Cranberries
(I did find them for S$10.90 but would love them for less)
*Hidden Valley Ranch Dry Dressing Packets?

I know I am forgetting some stuff - but this is a start... lol...

Parkview Square Building

This is Steve's favorite building on the island so far. We both love the majesty and beauty of it. While we were doing our walking tour, we decided since we could see it, we would walk to it. It is beautiful - standing under it is as beautiful as we thought. We were able to take a few pictures of the detail that was put into this modern building.

I love the men at the top of it holding balls. Reading this link: I see there are specially handcrafted gargoils at the top of it somewhere, but I do not see them. I took these pictures with my point and shoot so the detail is not picked up well. The color is actually a rosy bronze tone - more like the third picture.

We can actually see this building from our condo. It is part of our skyline. I am so glad we have this view of the city - far away from the bustling of the city and crowds, but close enough to enjoy the view. As I look out our window, I realize how blessed we are to experience this life - even though it is far, far away from our 'normal'.

Today I am off to Holland Village and China Town to shop for our Hawaiian Luau tonight on East Coast Parkway. Sounds funny, doesn't it?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Picture Taking Abilities Are Seriously Lacking :-(

My friends and I went to the Paranakan Museum today and of course I left my tripod at home. Carrying all of this stuff makes my back and neck hurt, and frankly I just did not feel like dragging 2 more pounds - not that it would have helped anyway. That with the fact "no flashes allowed" made for a not so good picture taking day.

There was so many beautiful things there I wish I had actually gotten more than a handful of shots, but it is what it is, so I will have to wait for some lessons from someone. Until that time, you will have to be amused - and you will be amused - at my abilities, or shall I say lack thereof? I won't get discouraged yet, but I do roll my eyes and wish I could just figure this out. I must have a mental block - like a brain glitch that will not let me figure it out. Sometimes it clicks. It hasn't. In the meantime, please feel free to be amused.

I only have a few pictures to share today.
They Paranakans are/were scrapbookers!

Just look at the intricate designs:
The colors and the beading are my favorite:
Apparently, I am really good at taking pictures reflections. Look at the pictures below. Yes, I know they are nowhere near clear - but pretend just for a moment. I love that little guys face:
Now I was trying to get another picture and apparently I am very good getting pictures of reflections. The reflection you are seeing are reflections of people in some of the pictures like the ones above. It is not a double exposure - isn't it funny?
Again, the whole reflection thing. The intricate pieces did not come out, but the reflection did.
My favorite camera shop loves me - or maybe it is my money. They are so good natured. I went and asked for a lens that would capture the size of the BIG buildings in Singapore. Samuel said he had just the lens for me and put it on my camera.
He said "go walk around the mall and see if it works for you!".
I did. It did.
I walked back in, and handed him my camera to remove his lens and he asked if I liked it, I said yes and ask how much? He said the lens was S$900.00 as he aimed and clicked the picture just as I said, "you suck".
I am not a pro - heck at the looks of things, I am not even an amateur. Wowsers! *GULP*

Gotta love the guys in the shop though - they are all a blast to work with. Can you tell?
Yes, they laugh with me. They have no idea of my lack of abilities, just my desire to want to take great pictures :-) I am sure spending money in there does not hurt either. However, I am not ready to spend THAT much money. I have to get much better with my camera first ;-)
Again, I say my camera abilities are called "dumb luck photography". Someday I will get it. Some day.
I would love to find lessons here in Singapore after the first of the year. Someone that has lots of patience. Know of anyone?

Singapore Memory Project