Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall Is In The Air

At least I like to pretend it is. I have read signs at the mall that says "Fall Is In The Air" so I decided I needed to start looking for it. The mall is no where to start, as it has all summer clothes everywhere - quite contradictory of the fall signs with autumn leaves and colors hanging from above.

I found a few colors walking at the ECP Park on Sunday. It is very deceiving to look and see all green - you really must look for fall. Being in the 90's just does not make it feel 'fallish':

Outside, the flowers on the trees defy all indications it is fall:

There are some other interesting trees here...

Root systems that are amazing to look at

Below are Banyan Trees - look them up on the internet - very interesting and plentiful here.
Branches that crisscross and wind about:
More fall color - the 'rust' color of a tree's trunk.

New growth in 'fall'?

Not fall, but surely an interesting... mushroom?

No matter how I slice it, somehow I just cannot wrap my mind around fall colors in summer temperatures, with mango trees and coconut trees full of fruits. Somehow though, it does exist. Since we have no more than a 15 degree variation year round, the only 'fall' here is the falling rain during the monsoon - which we are now entering.
One thing we noticed here, there is no dew. None. Nada. Very odd - and we think due to the lack of temperature variations.

...and finally a different view of the one we see every night. How many 'different' views can one see of the same place? The falling rain gave the indoor stadium a glow we have never seen before. I think it was a misty rain that made it appear like this, but we enjoyed the view once again.

So happy fall, wherever you may be - rain or shine, warm or cool - fall seems to be in the air - at least it says so on the signs in our malls that it has arrived. Therefore I must believe it.

Monday, September 29, 2008

East Coast Parkway

I have found my favorite place on the island so far - East Coast Park just off of East Coast Parkway. It is a park that runs along the southeast side of the island and is about 9 miles long that wanders along the beach. It has shelters for bbq'ing, a 'fast lane' for bikers and skaters, and a separate walking track.

We have found a great place to go for entertainment. Of course we eat at our favorite hawker stand first:

One of the vendors near the hawker stand:

Then we check out the newest sandcastle:
Since it rains often here, it is everychanging. I don't know who builds the sand art, but we enjoy seeing it.

We walk along the walkway visiting and enjoying the sights:

We have found another great place to go now. It is called 360 - a cable water ski track. It is a blast to watch everyone playinghere. Steve and Dallas think they should have a team building meeting here - what do you think? Here are some of the pictures I took this weekend:

I have a tree I found that I would love someone to identify for me. If you know what it is, can you let me know?

I took Pam to the walkway today, and I think she might have fallen in love with it too :-) We didn't make it to 360, but we will eventually. It was so relaxing just walking and talking. THEN the rain came. We rode out the worst of the storm (about an hour) under a shelter, then she put a lot of trust in me going through underground walkways to the other side of the highway to find a taxi.

Pam is learning about my antics rather quickly... I am a free spirit; I don't really care if I get lost because I can always get found. I was just on another adventure. Pam will get used to the Euvah adventure and I think she might even have a bit of fun doing it. I must remember her knee though - she had surgery on it recently and I sure don't want to be the cause of her having problems with it. I promise not to take you too far next time Pam. We will just start at our hawker center and go right to 360 - only a few feet away ;-)

Yes, I think it is my favorite area so far. It is very relaxing and enjoyable to just walk along and chat, check out the ships in the sea and giggle at the antics of the little one learning to skate. Bikes for two pass, in line skaters whiz past us and tents dot the beachside. Ahhhh, the life on the island...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Practice Run 2008 Singapore F1 Grand Prix

Steve split a 3 day pass with a couple of other guys - he took the practice run night because we had something else planned for Saturday's placement rounds. Anyway, he got a few pictures of it, but most were blurs.

Here are the good ones:

Before the practice rounds:

Here is a picture of a car. Going slow.

And this is after the rounds started:

He said there was a slight problem catching the cars on the camera. I don't understand why... I think he had problems with concentration - or maybe his camera?
Be sure and ask him about that... I tried and he just rolled his eyes and said "ZZZJJJOOM!" Maybe YOU can get a straight answer.

He did, however, get some excellent videos - I wish I could figure out how to share them.

Race Day!

Today is the day of the 2008 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix Race! The sun has risen bright and beautiful - hopefully leading to a wonderful night for a race. Everyone is geared up and getting ready for the big day:

Even these guys and galls were all excited about it! So excited they did this for a very long time... I would have died!

Still trying to figure out what this has to do with the price of the race in Singapore:

Mass Transit is ready:

Yesterday, we walked down Orchard Road, a very famous 'shopping' district in Singapore. I took a ton of cool pictures of the buildings there, but I will share them later. Today, I just wanted to share the pictures of some of the cars we saw along the route. Before I do, I just want to say they were everywhere. There were two Lambourghini's that breezed by so fast every time I could not even click the camera to get a picture with it on and ready. One was lime green. No pictures of them, but plenty of pictures of other cars:

I accidently got a picture of this car, but I have no idea if it is a 'cool' car of not:

We also went to the Hard Rock Café Singapore

We ate there, but we actually went to get a "race car pin". The young salesman in there told us it could not be called a 'Formula 1 Car Pin' but you take a look and see what you think:
It cost us $18.00!! Ok, mister, you just told me it is "JUST a RACE CAR pin!"

And some are ready for... the celebration:
Can you guess what this guy is? He was by the above booth.
Yep, getting ready for everything here:

Race day is on, the excitement is in the air and yesterday on Orchard rode was no exception. We fought the crowds, saw the cars, saw the sights and witnessed the excitement first hand. Tonight, we will sit down in our easy chairs in front of the tv, with the slider doors open so we can listen to the races and watch them on tv. We figure it is saving us about 6 grand to do so. Lots of other things we could do with that...

... but darn! I wish we were there :-(

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