Thursday, July 31, 2008

The View

The first view is looking towards the east out my sister's living room window. The second is out her dining room looking west.

The view from our sister's window is incredible! I took a few pictures so you can see it. Today we have a fairly clear view of the snow capped mount Baker and the sound. It is breathtaking! 
I love waking in the morning and leisurely walking from one window to another - all with such different perspectives of the area. It is amazing to even think people live with this beauty every day - much less have a home that oversees it. I cannot even imagine living with a view like this. We are off to the other side of the pass today and will be gone for 3 days. 

And of course the birds out the back window. I have seen several different kinds - how fun to watch and enjoy.

We will be going to dial up - so there will be nothing here until Sunday. It will be like the 'olden' days - lol... no internet!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Whidbey Island

Today we went over to Whidbey Island, just a short drive and ferry ride from where our sister lives. This area is gorgeous!

We saw two lighthouses. I would love to see every light house in the nation! I will add that to my list of things to do.

We tried to go see a friend, but she was rushed to the emergency room for some complications to surgery she had a few days ago. Then we decided to go surprise another friend over on another island, but we found out we had to have reservations to ride a ferry that was booked solid. *sigh* So, we ate. At the Ferry Landing, we found an awesome place to eat. Try the chicken salad - it was wonderful!
Nate was adamant that we go to Ft Casey. Yeah, that was a lot of fun. I think that is a guy thing. He got to wander around it anyway. My theory is that every fort has the same idea; there is a war, the good guys are on one side with the cannon, the bad guys on the other with another cannon, they shoot at each other. Some die, someone wins and the war is over. The fort is left for guys to wander all over and dream of shooting cannons. I am not interested. Period. I walked and looked at fence posts, flowers and took a quick gander at the fort.

The nature is always wonderful. I took these two pictures, one by the little sandwich shop near the ferry, the other near the fort.

Here are my sisters. We are having a great time traveling. This was on the ferry ride back to her house.

We are on our way out; over the hills, down the woods, to the falls and into Leavenworth we go. Back to the heat. Sure looking forward to that. NOT!

New Orleans in the Morning...

... and Seattle for lunch - how incredible is that? We stepped out into a light rain and mid-70's weather. Ahhh... I ltruly love it - and I darned well better enjoy it... in two weeks I will be in Singapore! lol...

On the plane we met a soldier who was coming home from Iraq. Liz and I visited with him, both thanking him immediately for what he has done - the huge sacrifice and dedication. He had been gone for a year, and was going home to meet his wife and three kids; one of his children he was meeting for the first time. He was on top of the world. Having flown so far, he was exhausted but on an emotional high. He visited with us, he rested a bit, but mostly he was grinning from ear to ear, and could not contain the excitement... the anticipation. When we were ready to leave, the stewardess made the announcement that we had two servicemen coming back from Iraq and asked everyone to let them get off the plane first to go greet their families. There was a huge applause that lasted until our new friend and his buddy made their exit.

Our soldier buddy is pictured here, his name marked out to protect his identity... I did ask his permission. How do you become so connected to someone in such a short amount of time? Can you see his excitement?

While flying, I saw a perfect shot for a photographer - and since I was in the middle seat, I had to ask Liz to take it for me - but she did exactly as I asked her to do. Team work and here are our results: How cool is this shot?

Next on the agenda was meeting our own family :-) 

Aren't our nieces and nephew precious? 

Ballard Locks had tons of salmon using the ladders! How fun to see them - and as many times as we have gone, this is the first time I have actually seen them. They were even rolling in the water! Amazing site to see - and I could just stay at the locks for hours :-)

...and finally but not least, while we were at the Ballard Locks, there was a boat towing another, obviously in trouble - and it started sinking! The locks rose and they had to bail water until the boat could get out of the locks and get it to a dry dock. The poor girl bailed frantically for at leat 20 minutes. She looked to be in her 20's and she was beet red from the work. We were hoping she did not have a heart attack. How horrible. I sure hope they (her and the boat) made it. It was quite interesting to watch the water police hang back and watch. Literally.

It has been a wonderful relaxing day - the first unstressful day in a month. I took a 45 minute cat nap last night. Tonight Paul Mauriot has just lulled me into a cross eyed stupor - a contented one at that. Off for a good nights rest.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pictures Of Those You Love

Gotta bring the pictures :-)
Missing them already.


There are just some things you don't want to move away and not have. These are just two of my don't leave behind items. They are both very hard to find, but we did finally start ordering the Southern Flavor. Steve uses it in all his bbq recipes.
The Jane's Crazy Mixed Up Salt is a different story. Most stores don't carry it, and I start to panic when I have trouble finding it - like I think they quit carrying it. Today I got in a car and drove 20 miles - one way - to a store we don't have around here. I was ecstatic! Sitting there, safely on the shelf, was 'Crazy Jane's' as we call it. I almost over looked it! It is simply yummy on a baked tator!
I am even closer now to being ready because I have my favorite spices :-) There are only a few ways I can make it feel like home - by taking a bit of home with me.

Off to do some last minute shopping today.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Suddenly Seattle!

I woke up this morning with a start. I realized I just had 4 days to get ready to go to Seattle! Oh My GOSH! I have been so worried about Singapore that Seattle just snuck up on me!

I wanted to get a 'visual' on our vacation. I marked off the map a route I think we will take. I am not in charge here, but I do know where we are going. It makes sense to me, but does it make sense to sis? 
Mountains. They are so important to me. If I never live in them, I can visit them, and I can dream of them, right? We will be going over two mountain passes! Yippee! I am super excited about that!

I have so much to do! I must get started. I cannot wait - both sisters in the same place at the same time - actually vacationing! YAY! I think we will have a blast! 
Also another perk for going there - are our nieces and nephew. The last time I saw them, Raelee was 1 - she is 5 now. I think they might have grown just a tad since then. well, maybe. Just a little.
Can you believe it? We are going to Seattle! Ok, so it is not the Netherlands, but it is an awesome place to go :-) Off and dreaming now.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Closer and Closer...

As time nears I am getting more and more ready for this move. I have got all the major things, I need except a couple of pairs of slacks and another pair of walking shoes. Pam clued me in on that. More about her later... My stash is getting larger and larger - but I can only take 2 suitcases, so I have to keep that in mind... itsy bitsy things 'cause we all know my clothes aren't itsy bitsy. The diverticulitis sure set me back there...

We Added A Phone Number Today - One That Travels! The great thing about it is travels with me to SINGAPORE! YIPPEE! I take my box to Singapore (or anywhere else in the world), and YOU dial a local number and I answer it there in Singapore. I can also dial your local number and call you as well. We are charged a fee of $25 a month and 1 cent per minute per call in or out. I can also forward my other phone numbers to it - and no one will know the differnce. How cool is this?

D reminded me tonight that I would need to turn off the phone over there exept for during certain times. Sales calls and such ring all day here - which is our NIGHT there. He said it only took him a few days to realize he needed sleep, it rang when he was trying to get sleep, so now he shuts it down.

Funny, I am glad he mentioned that. I would have never thought about it - well until I lost sleep over it.

The things you learn.

Now for the really cool news! I have found a new friend in Singapore that is helping me get through the tedious process of what to bring and what not to bring. I am learning sooo much from her and it is such a huge help for me! She is from the mid-west US, and has been there over a year I think she said. She has been really patient with my questions and I am looking forward to meeting her. You are a blessing Pam - thank you so very much!

Oh, did you see I had my bird books?
Off to get some more done - but now I am working on Seattle! YIPPEE!.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Cat Is Traumatized

When I went to bed after the fiasco she was sitting here. When I woke up she was sitting here. 4 hours later - here she sits.

I picked her up to take her out - that was a regular Einstein move there. Had I continued to hold her, I would have looked like I rumbled with a rose bush. I tossed the rabid cat away from me and there she went. Right back to guard for the beast. Behind her tiny door the beast cannot come through.

Can she not see I put the hard plastic door in the doggie door? The beast is sleeping. She will have to venture out eventually. I told her now she knows what my poor little birdies felt like - the ones "The Great Hunter" brings into our house and torments.

As she sits and guards the door, The Great Hunter does not look so great any more. In fact, she looks a little meek at the present time...

Pitiful I tell ya. Just pitiful.

I Had a Prowler Tonight on the Patio...

I was in the back room - Steve's 'office', and I hear a noise on the patio. A very definite LARGE movement on my patio. I look down near my feet at my cat who should be the ONLY one on my patio - it's obviously NOT her. She had also heard it and was stalking cautiously to the back door.

Not good. It is not my imagination.

My brother-in-law had come in a few hours before and was exhausted. He went straight to bed. Now those of you that know me, know I am not going to disturb anyone for something that I can handle. I open my back door with a huge weapon in my hand. (Remember my neighbors? I am not taking any chances). The light is just outside the door, so I reach out and flick it on, and clear the door to quickly scope out the source of the noise. Someone is hiding on the patio - I heard them move in the split second from opening the door to turning on the light. My knees buckle, I suck in a HUGE breath of air (I am not screamer), and in a split second I aim and am ready to shoot...

... this poor raccoon that had found its way through the cat door and didn't remember how to get back out.

He must have a craving for cat food. 

It is certainly a good thing my hubby taught me not to close my eyes and shoot, but to first check out WHAT I was shooting. Mr Coon would have certainly become my new hat.

He hissed. It was a nasty hiss. We came to an immediate understanding. I don't go near the door - and he wants out - NOW! I calmly close my back door, walk to the front door (yes, ANN, I am thinking of BOTH of my neighbors - thanks for the reminder of the dangers of staying in my house), open the door, scope out the neighborhood, race around the side of the house and open the screen door from the outside. 

In the meantime, the coon has jumped down, started trying to chew holes in the screen door, nicely catching his sharp teeth in the screen. I gently reach over and open the door, he removes his chops from the screen, hisses (of course I am sure it was a thank you) and he scoots out and to the northwest corner of the house, over the fence and into the wild black yonder.

As he does so, I look down into my hand and see the cannon I am holding, look around to see if the cops are chasing me and realize I HAD LOCKED THE BACK DOOR WHEN I CLOSED IT. Now I have to walk, cannon in hand to the front door. I conceal it.

I am sure a cop is going to pass me when I get to the front of my house. Now wouldn't THAT be handy. I might have to call Jeff anyway - after all Steve can't help me and I am not going to call my daughter from a jail cell.

The cop doesn't come and I don't have to wake Jeff. I get safely back in our home, lock the door and look back at Ms Not So Brave cat peering out the back door into the patio. She will never eat outside again - I think she is forever traumatized.

I on the other hand am once again a brave soul.

Jeff is still sleeping in the back and I conquered a coon. Me, myself and my cannon.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Today's News...

He got the apartment key. He took pictures. He will send them out tomorrow.

The refrigerator is the size of our camper fridge *read tiny

The TV is used and small - and we are old. We will probably have to watch it on our laps.

We do have a new queen sized bed.

That's it folks!

I am down today, can ya tell? Let's have a pity party ;-)

I miss him and I fussed at him about something stupid. I hate it when I bring up life when we are seperated. I am so darned lonely I have nothing to do but sit here and worry while I am getting ready for the trips. I know I am forgetting everything and frankly I don't care. Today.

Tomorrow I will.

Off to pack boxes of stuf I am sending out to people before I leave. I have left every freaking thing I needed to do until the last minute. While it has not yet arrived, I am awfully close. In finding the things I need, I have found things I set aside to return to people, pictures I found when sorting to mail to the ones in them, and I am giving all my CTMH hostess loot to my upline, so I need to pack it and mail it. No more storing until I get to it. To it ain't coming and I can buy more - she can use it now. I am sad looking at it anyway.

It is difficult leaving your life behind - even if you have an adventure to look forward to.

Over the pity party. Life goes on.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

In These Blankets There Is Love...

Jer bear's blanket - and his 'corner'...

pR with her blankie (see her corner?) and Jeremy's blankie. His is just a little thin isn't it?

A hug for Jeremy's blanket from his little pR.

Our little pR chews on the corner of her blanket. pR's corner is on the correct blankie - there are no imposters here. We bought multiple blankies when she was little, but she knows the 'right' one. The others do in a pinch, but the real one cannot be replaced. The corners are not "just right" - she says they don't feel right and she says they don't smell right. EWWWEEE!

I kept telling her mom and pR she was just like Uncle Jeremy. He used to do the same thing. Tonight, I pulled out Jer bear's beloved blanket. In the neat folds I had tucked his 'corner' that finally fell off. It fell on the ground and pR's jaw dropped. A corner not attached to a blanket!

When I asked pR if her blankie was going to look like that she said "yuh huh!" as she squirmed uncomfortably. I don't think she liked the corner unattached! She was so in awe at that blanket of her Uncle Jeremy's that she even gave it a little hug for him. Of course, if you know pR you know she is very close to her Uncle Jeremy. Now we have a real connection here - blankie corners :-)

You may collect your blankie at any time Jer bear. Mom still has it in your box of precious memories. It belongs with Jingle bear. How funny. Jer bear and Jingle bear. I never realized that until this moment. Awww, the memories...

*smiling with warm fuzzies...

The Very First Picture of OUR New Apartment!

Or rather - "flat" as it is called in Singapore.
Steve and Sean had to go drop some of Sean's spices and food off at Dallas' apartment and they found our door was open. He said there is a barred door so you can safely open the main door and get a breeze through the apartment. He was able to take these pictures through the barred door.

Marble floors!  It is said most floors there are marble to help the places stay cooler...
It shows ME how smalll the apartment is! This is our living room/dining room combined! But can you get a better view? I think not. Oh wait! From 7 floors up where Dallas is living you can. We know who holds the rank here. 
I don't care, the view of my hubby is all I need :-) All the rest is Lagniappe (LAWN - yop) which cajun for "something extra".
Whoo Hooo! I am finally getting pictures of OUR home now! Tomorrow, he gets the key for our place and I get LOTS of pictures, right Steve?

Do I want Australian Beef or New Zealand Beef?

And do I want duck eggs, hen eggs, snake eggs, or white eggs? Do I want them plain, salted, peppered or pickled?


And can you believe this price for it anyway?? 
Retail Price: S$24.20/KG

Do I really care if my persimmons come from Israel, the papaya’s from Malaysia and the guava’s from Thailand?

In case you have not figured it out, I found the store near our new home:

You can order online and stores deliver groceries here!  Why hasn't the states picked up on this?  It makes it so much easier when you depend on taxis to get around.

Boy do I have a lot to learn…

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Singapore Maps

There are few locals I have told, but when I do, I keep getting the question over and over. Where in the world is Singapore? So I am going to post some maps so you get a clear picture of just where Singapore is. Go ahead and click on the maps, they get bigger!

Here is Singapore - if you look at the tip of the pink peninusla, you will see Singapore. Remember to click the maps to actually SEE where I am talking about!

We zoom out so you can get a clearer idea of where Singapore is. See the peninsula on the upper left? The tip of the "S" at the bottom is the 'arrow' to Singapore.

Now the realization should set in. I have marked Bayou Vista here in the US and Singapore on the top left side of the map. Comprehenda? Half way around the world - literally!
Now, something else to consider. Do you see the yellow vs green on the continents? zat is the equator. Point made? *GULP!*
It is a L-O-N-G way away!
Skeeery. Exciting. Fun. Daring. Crazy... back to skeery.
*Pinching myself to see if I am dreaming,,.
"OUCH!" nope

Friday, July 18, 2008

Views From Dallas' Apartment

Steve just called me and we chatted a few minutes about Singapore. He says I am in for a rude awakening on food. He told me they serve chicken "well, mainly chicken bones" and butter fried prawn - better known as shrimp with the peels left on. He just laughs when I ask him about the food... this should be interesting... maybe a person can live on rice...

Here are some pictures Steve sent from Dallas' apartment. He will be living on the 17th floor - us on the 10th. Call me confused. The 'terrace' is what is on the 13th - not Dallas. He will have more of a view of things than we will, but I expect our view will still be nice. I will just have to go upstairs to see the ocean! The day was clear which was nice. I have seen many overcast days there - is it overcast most of the time?

Steve said we will be going somewhere in Maylaysia, to Indonesia and we will probably fly to Thailand! He said they are all there close and inexpensive to travel to, so why not?

I am geting very excited now - much closer to holding him and that helps tremendously! I am not made to be seperated from him. I love being with him more and more each day and being away from him is so difficult. They say it builds character - I say I don't want any more and if we don't get settled soon I am going to scream. AHHHHHHHHHHCCCCCKKKKKKKK!

Ok, enough of this. I need to go do some chores.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ok, SO.

We all know how THAT worked. I was not just sick for one day - I ended up in the hospital!

I went on IV antibiotics and I am all better now. Got home today, rested a bit, ate... then...

I patched the camper and removed 3 foot of border in the kitchen. My rule is 6 feet a day, but just for today, I am allowing myself the 3 foot. Tomorrow, I will start at 6 foot again, and I also plan to clean the drains around the shop and dig iris to give away. We have a couple tropicals lingering out there and I need to get a move on so our yard drains well.

Who has time to be sick?

I am going to Seattle in less than 2 weeks - then I go to Singapore right after that! It is getting realllllly close now! One thing at a time. Can't wait to see my sisters and nephew and nieces. Oh, and brother in law - yep! I want to see him too - HI JOHN :-D

No, I didn't forget you. Hi Shari! Liz and I are going to be too sore to move when we get there! lol...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Just 4 Today

Just for today, I will allow myself to be ill. I have had diverticulitis for 3 weeks now. 3 days ago, the Dr changed my meds. Last night I started not being able to keep anything down. I am on complete liquid diet today, trying to stay hydrated. I need to get things turned around before leaving for Seattle. If I am not significantly better tomorrow, I will go back to the Dr.

Losing weight this way is not how I need to be doing it.

If anyone is reading the blog, would you mind commenting occasionally? I would love to see if anyone is actually reading it!

Enough for today - off to rest.

The Sign

Can anyone tell me what this means?

Peggy and I found this sign while driving down a main street in Selma. It made us giggle - just what the heck is it trying to tell us?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Visit to Selma

Uncle Ed and Aunt Connie

Cameron and Brian

Aunt Carol and Uncle Danny

I love this picture of Cameron and Aunt Connie

I went to visit my aunt, uncle and cousin in Selma this weekend. Unfortunately, I was ill while there, but we did have a good visit. Before leaving the states I needed to go visit them. A friend went with me, and as we got nearer, I got quieter. I finally realized the last time I had been there was for grands funeral years ago.

We enjoyed the visit, but I had no idea the impact visiting them would have on me. Brian has become a good dad (YIKES!), Uncle Ed is a great tour guide and Aunt Connie is still the great entertainer ;-)

I missed seeing my cousins Barry and Lisa, but maybe we can get together next time. Lisa and Andy are getting ready to close on their new house and Barry was getting ready for a show.

I had a wonderful time reminiscing - and I am sure Peggy got a real wake up call about me. Maybe she was better off knowing the 'me' I let her see... lol...

Signs of the Times

, I love taking pictures of things from our past. While we were in Selma, I found a few signs of where we have come from. I actually remember these emblems and the paintings on the sides of buildings!

Does anyone remember the Kress' Stores?

This is the Temple (Jewish) Mishkan Israel Synagogue in Selma. Isn't it beautiful? My aunt and uncle have been members of it for years. Uncle Ed gave us a tour of it and I enjoyed it so much. He showed us a Jewish Torah and filled us in on some history. While we were there, they also lit candles for the Shabbat (Sabbath) in a small ceremony.

"Shabbat or Shabbos (Hebrew: שבת, shabbāt, shabbes, "rest/inactivity"), is the weekly Sabbath or day of rest in Judaism, symbolizing the seventh day in Genesis, after the six days of creation. Though it is commonly said to be the Saturday of each week, it is observed from sundown on Friday until the appearance of three stars in the sky on Saturday night. The exact time therefore differs from week to week and from place to place, depending on the time of the sunset." ~ Wikipedia

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Apparently, I collect...


I have been going through stuff and organizing since I am leaving the house in the care of house sitters and my BIL - for their convenience. I had 'stuff' everywhere. I have really tried to sort a few scrap boxes so I can get it all where in needs to go. In the process, I have found postcards. Lots of postcards. Post cards from friends, post cards I have purchased and very old postcards I got a a garage sale.

Glancing through them I got warm feelings. Memories of trips Steph has taken, memories of trips we have taken, and memories from friends that have crossed our paths at one point or another. Even a few Louisiana memories!

I am feeling better today. These cards reminded me of the good times we have had. They are coming again. I do love traveling, and though this is not ideal, it will certainly be an adventure to go across the world. Steve and I have always had a great time on trips, so I am sure this will be no different.

I am ready to travel again. I think I might pick up a post card or two from some of my new travels and tuck them away with these :-)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Just a little late posting...

The depression is back. I was slammed with it this weekend and it has not let up. Yes, I am still taking my medicine.

Maybe tomorrow I will feel better. Today, I just miss... everything.

I will be going to Selma Thursday morning to see my aunt, uncle-in-law, uncle, aunt-in-law, and several cousins and their kids. It didn't start out to be a big deal, but it has been so long since I have been I guess everyone can't believe I am coming. yipppeee. yeah.

I am looking more forward to the drive up and back with my friend. I may need to prepare her a bit more for my family... rofl...

Singapore is still holding... no tickets yet so it is not real for me. I am trying to be positive, but it is hard to get excited about a never, never date. It is also difficult to get into motion for something that details are still being worked through.

I am sure "It'll work out".

I did get 2 more boosters today for only $265. That and the $287 I spent yesterday getting the fridge fixed caused that knot in my tummy to come back.

Bummer of a 2 days. Tomorrow WILL be better. Right?

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Nothing accomplished today. Well not entirely true - I spent the day shopping with a friend which was really nice, and then drove around thinking, trying to get my head on straight. When I was just weary from thought, I stopped at another friend's house and we solved the problems of the world - well, actually we just took a few minutes to get caught up.

Peggy came over and we watched a chick flick - which tended to be sad in some ways. But having company... ahhh how nice. I loved having someone come to visit and watch tv with. It really was a great day; visiting, shopping and relaxing.

I know it sounds weird, but even now I feel so isolated. It is like I am on a desert island and there is no contact with the outside world. It is different when you are alone. Your children grow up and have lives of their own. That is supposed to happen, and I am not complaining. Your hubby is still working and has a life of his own. I am not complaining - I know he is proud of his accomplishments and I know he loves some things he does. I just cannot figure out what I am supposed to be doing. When I am here without Steve, it is lonely. Not like being alone when he is working, more like being in a cell waiting on a visitor... in a cell waiting on someone to call... waiting on - well I am waiting... but what for?

Yes, yes, I know it is me - not them. I know I isolate myself. My brain tells me others have lives - it is me that doesn't. I don't want to intrude. In fact, calling others makes me feel like I am begging to be included. It is not that they make me feel like this; it is my mind that makes me feel like it.

Anyway, can you tell I feel sappy tonight?

And I didn't get anything accomplished in the house - but I did find a computer bag that I can take on the plane with my meds. YAY!

About Singapore. If I don't think about it, I don't cry. How sad is that? So I have it neatly filed away under 'Can't Deal With This". I will open it later. Every once in a while, I try to open that file, but I still have to slam the drawer. I deal with my list right now.

I am listening to my music - have I ever said how much I love music?

Man! I need to get a life...


Friday, July 4, 2008


I have known I was doing better mentally, but I had no idea how much better until tonight. I am deathly afraid of heights. Now I cannot figure out which heights bother me, but some do and some don't. Flying doesn't. Walking (ok, crawling) across the Royal Gorge does. Who knows what the answer.

Every year on the 4th of July, the tradition is that they close the auto traffic down on the old bridge for pedestrians to walk up on it and watch the fireworks on the Atchafalaya river. This bridge is high enough for good sized tugs to go under. There are 3-5 foot spans of just metal grating built into it - I am sure for expansion. If you look through those spans when walking on it, looking straight down, you can see the river. Every year, Steve has to coax me across and my heart stops beating until I finally 'brave it up' or he pulls me across. Now logically, I KNOW I cannot fall through it. But try telling my brain that!

Tonight, walking up the bridge, I didn't even once think about it going up. I realized that at the top of the bridge! WHOOO HOOOO! Coming down I was concious of them, but walked right on across like it was nothing. What a HUGE step for me!

Didja hear that Steve? I DID IT! You would be so shocked! Maybe I really am coming back!

Making Headway

Every single day I feel like I am treading water trying to get ready for the big adventure. I have not followed my schedule, however I am making progress. I find I get sidetracked easily; when I am looking at Singapore stuff - I spend HOURS looking. When I do house stuff - I spend HOURS doing house stuff. Maybe I need to fire myself... lol...

Just for a rundown so I can see what I am doing, I decided I will post my accomplishments daily. Today this is what I have done so far:

* I called the Dr to see if they were open today to get my booster. NOT! They must not have realized that when they told me to come in on Friday last week.

* I used a chisel and cut two door jams for the face plates of the door latches. I have doors that actually open and close now! One of those was for the bathroom door knob I changed earlier. The other was on my scraproom door.

* I changed our bedroom door knob - it has not worked right for years.

* I pulled all of our appliance, tv, and misc other directions out of the folders so our house sitters will have directions to anything they need.

* I sanded the scraproom door so it opened and closed easily. (I didn't do such a good job at that, but it works)

* I looked and looked for part 2 of the plug from the printer we brought back from Tulsa.

* I pulled all the titles of our vehicles out and put them in the fireproof safe.

* I tried to find a rolling computer bag that has extra room to pack stuff. I need it to be about the size of a small suitcase with protection form computer. My computer is SOOoooo big I am having trouble finding one. Not complaining now. I just don't seem to be able to find one.

* I finished painting the front bathroom sink base. It is ugly, but not as ugly as it was. I started it when I was painting the bathroom trim last week.

* I put the dooors back on the sink base.

* I pulled our medical insurance information out and put it in the Singapore folder.

* I ordered 2 bird books for Singapore, Malaysia and Southern Asia.

* I tightened up the towel bar in the front bathroom.

* I filed some bills.

* I cleaned out (as in emptied) one dresser in the extra bedroom for our house sitters.

* I took a look at the tropics:

* I pulled the grates out and cleaned the drain outside. EWwweEEE!! Now I need to run water down it to see if it drains. Then cut the iris down and thin them out. hmmm... not today.

I am off to a bbq with Steph and Todd. Then I bet we go to the fireworks :-)

Thanks to all of you who has helped make us Independent and KEEP us independent.

Happy Fourth! Do you remember why we celebrate the fourth? Give it some thought...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

We Have An Apartment!

Our apartment will be ready on July 15th. Again. If things go as planned...

Here is a linky:

We are in building 2 or 3, he can't remember, but it is close.


10th floor - with a floor plan similar to this:

Not much playing room, but adequate for just the two of us.

"The lift (elevator) that leads to this apartment also goes to the sky terrace on the 13th floor."
He said the sky terrace has a playground for kids and will have plants and such on it. The apartment complex is brand new, so they are still in the process of completing it.

See our bomb shelter? (the thick walled room leading to the ‘yard’?) Lol… this is a tornado room to me :-)

Today he remembered to tell me it does not come furnished with an oven. How funny! I sure do take a lot for granted :-)

He rented it furnished, one room a bedroom, the other room an office, he thinks it will have a sofa, chair and table and chairs. The whole 'furnished' thing is quite different than it is here. Furnished there means a refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer. He has requested and paid more for the rest of the furniture.

One side of the apartment overlooks the trees looking toward the ocean (which he says we can barely see), the balcony over looks the indoor stadium. Gosh I hope I remembered this all right.

The coolest part was when I pulled it up on google map – then clicked Satellite:
Click out two minus’ signs on that link… pretty neat!

Click out a few more and see the ocean!

The diamond on the bottom left hand corner is the Indoor Stadium.

He says there is a foot bridge across the river from where our apartment is to a mall within walking distance. It is the building just east of the indoor stadium and just south of the National Stadium. (I think between the car park and the stadium walk?). The mall has a nice grocery store in the basement.

The part I am most excited about? Well, beside being with Steve silly! I am excited we will have a balcony. He said we will get a table and bbq pit to put out there! YAY! That is what we missed most in Tulsa.

I am all good. Now I can get just a little excited now… :D

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Walking and thinking...

... I realized several things while walking today. I had to change my route because yesterday when I walked I had a pit bull charge me. He was in a fence - a very small 4 foot fence, but it was a fence. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest and I darted across the road. By the time I got there I was nearly in tears, but I recovered quickly and kept on walking.

Years ago, Steve and I were charged by two "very friendly" pits who were trying to kill our dog in our own yard. When I tried to call Sandy in, one of the dogs lunged for my throat - and I think for Steves. I don't remember now, but for sure mine. Steve raced in and got a gun and shot one dog dead center in the chest - and it kept on coming. He shot again, it retreated and the other followed.

After it was all over, the owner (who was called by the police) said his dogs were "very friendly" and would never hurt anyone. He had them for years. The vet said the dog was fine and the bullets ricocheted off of its 'wall of armor'. However friendly he 'thought' his dogs were, we saw the other end. They were out to kill. 'Nuff said.

Later in my walk, I was walking in the road, as most of our neighborhood does not have sidewalks. Generally the roads are nice and wide, but in some areas they are narrow - just wide enough for 2 cars and a bit of room left. I heard a car screeching around a corner about 20 feet behind me. Again, I darted out of the way heart pounding and in near tears. I HATE walking on the side of the road where the traffic is coming from behind. I know we are supposed to, but I HATE it. Again, I think back to why I am like that. I was riding bikes with a friend on a then under construction section of closed highway. An drug frenzied, drunk idiot PLAYED chicken with us and hit the gas pedal.

I heard him coming, but Kim had earphones on. To this day she would say that didn't have anything to do with it - but it did. I heard him, she didn't. I dodged yelling KIM! KIM! KIM! and she did not hear me even then. He hit her. I saw it in slow motion; my friend get hit by his front bumper, fly up and hit (and break) the windshield, roll up and over the top of his car, and fall lifeless on the back side of the car. In the mean time, her bike was sailing away towards me, I was dodging it and still screaming KIM!

Next was "YOU A@#HOLE!" The jerk stopped, looked back at us and mumbled some illegible sentence and hauled ass. Kim comes around, realizes what happened and JUMPS up screaming COME BACK HERE!! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!

I look at Kim and see nothing but blood. Her arm and leg had serious injuries and road rash. Her face... obviously a broken nose. I am a half a mile either way from a bridge to get to the highway on the other side of the bayou that had traffic. Remember, we are on a road that was under construction - no traffic was supposed to be on it - and I guess that included bikes, but surely it included cars.

She fell down as soon as the jerk was out of site. I take control. I take her bike and stand it sideways as best I can in the middle of the road where she fell and ordered her to stay put – hoping no one else hit her. She was getting shocky, it was the dead heat of summer and there were sugar cane fields on either side of us. No one in site, not even a house. I hopped on my bike and rode to the nearest bridge (a little one), across it and then to the highway. All the time I must have looked like an enraged fool. I was talking, screaming and crying all at the same time. I could not get one person to pull over. God helped me put that pink bike up over my head - someone WAS going to stop - even it took them running over my bike.

Just as I geared myself up to toss it, someone stopped. I was saying the tag number over and over and over and over. Thankfully, the driver realized what I was doing and he has his wife write it down. This was before cell phones, so in 5 words or less, I said what happened, where and to call an ambulance. I didn't even wait - I turned and rode back to Kim, who by that time was screaming in agony.

There is more to this story, but a helicopter came, an ambulance came and we got her to the hospital. She had a broken nose, broken arm, broken collar bone, cracked hip, and severe road rash - but she lived to talk about it.

The guy was caught, sentenced and is probably still serving time. It just so happened he had a bazillion other arrest warrants and the judge didn't take our accident too kindly on top of the rest of his mess.

All of this to say: walking today, two major events in my life still affect me to this day. I don't consciously think of them, but the instant something clicks in my brain (pit bull charging the fence or car coming behind me fast) I have a terror attack. I guess the common terminology would be PTSD.

It never goes away, does it? Things that we think are long since over in our lives revisit us and still try to control our lives.

Singapore Memory Project