Thursday, May 29, 2008

Magic Kingdom today!

"Mickey Magic" greeted us as we walked through the turnstalls into the Magic Kingdom. Raelee was in Heaven! Let me fill you in...

When Raelee was 3 we took her to Disney World and they had Mickey confetti that they sold and put into hair at the barber shop. I bought some and we had fun with hair spray and "Mickey Magic" as Raelee came to call it. When we left Disney World I tucked the last of it in the camper cubby hole and forgot about it. Months later, her papa opens the cubby hole and Raelee goes spastic! "MICKEY MAGIC!!" and ran and got a couple of pieces of confetti. 

From that day on, when she was near it, she always opened the camper storage door and would grab just a couple of pieces and hold it like it was gold, and it honestly intrigued her.

When we walked in and she saw Mickey Magic, she knew she was in a special place. It still brings sparkles to her eyes.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Is it time to get up?

So. We need to know. Is it time to go to bed or time to get up??

Can YOU help? lol...

We are off to see Mickey today!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!


 We got a great start this morning! We left at 7:40am and are now on our way to Disney World! What an adventure this is going to be! 

Tonight, we are staying in Tallahassee, at a hotel near our dear Scrapal friend Paige's. They were so sweet – Paige offered to BBQ for us. Yippee! Thanks Paige! That is one less fast food meal we have to eat :-) Raelee is traveling good so far. She is so excited about going to Disney World she keeps asking if we are close yet. However, so far she is traveling well. We have only stopped in New Orleans to eat breakfast, two times at travel areas for pit stops and then at Dairy Queen for lunch. 

We arrived at Paige's 6pm after a great relaxing trip. Supper was a yummy one with Paige and Todd. They cooked burgers, baked beans and potato salad and had a great watermelon for dessert. We are all tucked in now at the Ramada waiting for the rest of our trip!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Lady Lu

Such a faithful companion, Lady is reaching the end of her days. It is not that she has not had a a good long life, she is 15 years old and has been comfortable until the last week. The fluid is building up because her heart cannot keep up. We were trying to get her to hang on so she could see her kid, Jeremy, in 3 weeks. I just don't think she has it in her. I lay on the floor and pet her and talk to her, and the last picture is what I see; a very tired, old girl. If she cannot make it, I hope she just lays in her favorite place and goes to sleep. I don't want to make a decision for her.
I love this girl, in fact, I think everyone does. She is the sweetest companion I have ever had. She is so calm and loving - how could anyone not love her? I call her my knee buddy. Wherever I am, Lady is right beside me - or laying on my feet. I think she does that so she can feel me move - after all, I can't leave without her knowing with her on my feet! How silly she is :-)
I am leaving to go to Disney World on Monday. Steve is still being patient with her and trying to get her just to make it to Jeremy's homecoming. Jeremy says he has never come home to an empty yard. I just don't think she has it in her, but we have done everything possible. We have spent almost $200 on meds in the last week. Money does not buy everything though.
Lady Lu, I love you.

Our Artist - Marcus

Marcus painted this in Kindergarten this year. It looks like another grandchild has the artist ability! 
Jeremy just sent me this picture that Marcus painted. I love the blue! It is very pretty and the painting is fun to look at and easy on the eyes. Granny loves the work Marcus put into this piece of art. 
Marcus, will you paint a picture when you are here for Granny? I have everything we need to do it. I will hang in on my wall so I can look at it every single day.

Keep up the good work grandson, you just might become the next Van Gough. I love your art! Oh and just so you know? I have a Van Gough umbrella that I love too.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

We Have Created a Monster!

Steph and I have been working on decorations for the doors and windows at Disney World. We were having fun making the little guys above. Granny took time to keep Raelee busy some, but eventually that did not work out. When she saw these decorations, we were in trouble.

 We thought we would be able to do our projects while Raelee was occupied doing other things, like the painting yesterday. That was our first mistake. The second one was when we let her start pushing buttons on the Cricut. THEN she asked to do a character. We let her.

 OH, BOY, was that a mistake! Granny and mom have barely had time to make even one more. Look at how many Raelee made!! She has done a wonderful job though. Can we get anyone to babysit while WE finish OUR project?? rofl... If she is in the house, it AIN'T gonna happen! Just kidding - we are all having fun! Ms. Raelee even had to add glitter. Granny and Papa's yard will never be the same. 

'Tinkerbell' left a lot of dust in her tracks!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Patience is a Virtue...

... of which Raelee has none - EXCEPT when she is doing something she loves.

I have never seen as much patience in a child that is doing a project! Like I said, this little girl does not have one ounce of patience waiting for something, but once she is working on a project, she is very determined and concentrates like no other child I have seen. She carries her project through from beginning to end, and it never ceases to amaze me how much concentration she puts into it. 

Today she made a wonderful canvas painting (granny trying to occupy her time while we did something else) and she will finish it soon. She had to wait for the paint to dry - or she would be done. She did a great job - I will show you the final project soon :-)

Friday, May 16, 2008

2008 Graduation Night

FINALLY! I got a great picture of my very good friend and her hubby! She was at their daughter's graduation and very proud and happy. I am so glad to finally have a good picture to add to my 'friends' ablum. Don't they look great??

THIS is the reason for the smiles! Their daughter graduated, Suma Cum Laude, and earned herself 5 scholarships in the process! We are all so darned proud of her! She is going to LSU in the medical field and will be working for the local ambulance company while earning her degree. Congratulations to you all! All that hard work in school sure paid off, didn't it?

I was sad that I missed Wesley's graduation. I wish I could have gone to both. Wesley, congratulations! You DID it! I am proud of you and of your family. You all are very special people. And to think with everything you have gone through, you still graduated with your class! What an incredible accomplishment :-)

Jeremy?? WOW.

Jeremy just called and said he went to get a refill on a perscription and the Dr did an EKG in as a protocol to refill it. The Dr told Jeremy he has signs of a previous heart attack! Of course, we are all worried, but praying for a mistake on the reading. He is only 25!!

Thankfully, he is fine right now. This is an old heart attack IF it IS one.

We are very aware that Danny (my brother) has had 3 heart attacks - the first one at 37 years old. Jeremy immediately made an appointment with a cardiologist. He will be seen on May 28th. Please keep him in your prayers.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Getting Ready for Mickey :-)

Disney World in 10 days! Whew! We have been working like crazy to get ready. These are the thankyou candy bars for Mousekeeping. I think they came out really cute! 

I am very apprehensive about this trip. In some ways I feel like a 5th wheel, but not because anyone is making me feel that way. Moreso I think I am uncomfortable taking Gary's place. I was not supposed to be a part of this vacation, so I am having a difficult time trying to wrap my mind around even going on this trip. I am sure it will all work out in the wash, and I that I will have a good time, but I am still feeling uneasy about it all. 

I am having fun getting ready though :-) I have sooo much to do! I have overnight company coming to stay next week, pR's end of the school events, Disney World the week after, and then Jeremy right after Disney World. It is going to be a crazy month - but a great one. Jeremy is bringing his family and I can't wait! What a treat this will be - all of us on our home turf again. Yeah, I know, Jeremy's is there now, but I can't wait to have him here with everyone. We are looking so forward to it!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Now THIS is a Handsome Young Man!

Jeremy just sent me Marcus' Spring School Photo! Isn't he handsome? He is about the cutest boy ever! I cannot believe how much he has grown! I asked Jeremy to please ask Marcus to stop growing just until Granny sees him. Jeremy said he wouldn't listen, but he would try ;-)

I can't wait to see them! I want to get my arms around our grandsons as soon as we can. Only a few more weeks now! YIPPPEEE!!!

Wonder if I can get a recent one of my other little Cali guys...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Peaceful Travels

I must say, life has been extremely stressful for a week now. Going back to Oklahoma for the shipment of the last unit, the wedding, the stress surrounding the wedding, the hurt feelings, the sheer exhaustion, the hint of the 'shock factor' Steve tossed my way, no one to hug away the fright, and I feel just so very alone. Steve understands. He is right there with me - when he is not in Korea or another adventure. Things are changing drastically in our lives and our July 1, 2011 freedom date is fast approaching. Lots of decisions need to be made and we are in turmoil about them - but they will get made and we will be fine. Even with all the stress, most days life is good. Even if it is confusing, it is good.
After the wedding, I needed a mental break to collect my thoughts and regroup to come home. I decided to let my GPS bring me home and I think it senses where I would like to go. Even though I have taken this track a bazillion times, some days it just takes me a different way - like I need to just see a different perspective. This time, after the storms in Oklahoma, it sent me west across the northeast part of Texas - straight through miles and miles of wildflowers. Every color imaginable and I was blessed with seeing them all. Being in no rush, needing time to sort my thoughts it was a wonderful break. I stopped leisurely and took pictures as I felt the need. 
Finally, I sat and thanked God for the opportunity to witness His gifts and I remembered why I love to travel. There are so many things He has given me to see and experience. Whatever He has planned, I will do my best to accept as an adventure. Even if I am scared out of my mind, this experience today reminded me He is in charge and He will take care of us.

Just look at the beautiful flowers - how can I not feel at peace?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Finally! A Perfect Wedding :-)

Yvonne and Danny

He signed the marriage license without hesitation...

She read - and re-read - the fine print :-)

And the Lord blessed this marriage...
The wedding is over! Danny and Yvonne got married on a beautiful Oklahoma day in our family's favorite place - the lake rock house. After much preparation and work, they finally tied their knot and now are on their honey moon in Branson. May God bless you both - and may you always remember - and use wisely - grans advice. We love you!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Do you see this emblem?

Look at it real close - that is what I was told to do!

He said, "Do you see that emblem on the front of the car?"

Like an idiot, I lean over the car to get a good LOOK at that emblem.
Just. As. The. Turd. Hit. The. Siren.

WHY DO I FALL FOR his antics every single freaking time?? Will I never learn? Thank goodness I didn't pee my pants! My brother is such a stinkin' jokster, it looks like I would learn - but no, I just gotta be a dumb ditty and lean over the hood to take a good look at the emblem. I do remember what it looks like - but more importantly I remember the twinkle in his eyes when I looked up. 

I wonder what the cars passing on the highway beside us thought? rofl... probably something of the sort of 'that idiot spread eagled on the cop car must have really done something stupid!' 

If they only knew...

Singapore Memory Project